If I run anywhere near as hot as I did last year in this event I’m pretty much a lock to win. I played the best Omaha 8 or better of my life today. It was so sick the value I was extracting, bets I was avoiding, check-raises I was dodging, and the such. I was so truly proud of how I played, and that’s kind of a rare thing for my own critique of my game.

I ended the day with 29,100 chips which should place me somewhere in the top ten of a little over 200 remaining. I embraced the full lunacy of O8 today and my chip stack was the classic roller coaster. I jumped out to an early chip lead, kept building, and then took a dirty one for a big pot. Wash, rinse, repeat for ten hours. 3k -> 8k -> 5k -> 9k -> 6k -> 16k -> 8k -> 29k. Good note to end the day on that was for sure.

I had a great time playing today and probably could extract a pretty decent blog, but c’mon, it’s Omaha and I’m tired. Played with neat people all day, and have a couple of last longer bets with Jim and Ben that is first priority tomorrow :-).

Peace and good luck,