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RIP Chip Reese (1951 – 2007)

The poker community lost a true legend this week with the death of David “Chip” Reese. Chip passed away Tuesday morning in his Las Vegas home, only days after being released from the hospital with pneumonia -like symptoms.

The official cause of his death, however, remains unknown. Chip, the youngest player ever inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, was 56 years old. Along with being the best cash game player in the world, Chip was also regarded as one of the game’s greatest family men.

He played in less tournaments than most, yet still earned the distinction of being a three-time WSOP bracelet winner . He solidified his place in World Series history when, in 2006, he took first place in the prestigious 50K HORSE event. Chip Reese will be dearly missed…

Speak the Truth: Aftermath of the Sorel Mizzi and Chris Vaughn Interview


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!’s John Caldwell recently sat down and conducted an in-depth interview with online poker’s newest scandal boys du jour – Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi and Chris “BluffMagCV” Vaughn.

In the conversation, the pair openly admitted to the wrongdoing, a gesture they both hoped would help put the ugly incident to bed. As for the reaction from the rest of the poker community (aka the forums), well, let’s just say the reaction’s been mixed.

While some are ready to put the scandal in the past, others feel Sorel and Chris played the “woe is us” angle a little too hard, and still others argue that justice will only be served if Bluff Magazine terminates Chris as their managing editor. Chris, however, is still employed by Bluff and the company released the following statement on his behalf:

“Bluff Media in no way, shape, or form condones the actions of Chris Vaughn. We were extremely unhappy, and disappointed. However we feel that Chris has always acted in a professional manner at BLUFF in the past, and we have no plans for terminating his employment with the company. He has been given a warning, and is on probation. We hope that we can all move past this, and learn from it.”

The repercussions for Sorel, however, have not been as tepid. An admitted goal of winning the 2007 Online Player of the Year award has now become an impossibility following his banishment from FullTilt Poker. Despite the negative backlash, Sorel says he’s coping thanks to the constant support of friends and family.

Maybe the online scandals will finally come to an end this time. Here’s a tip from the Pokerazzi that will hopefully curtail this Internet riffraff: If you find yourself in an online tourney, and you’re not sure about a rule, consider what is allowed in a live game. Would you be allowed to take over for someone or enter a live, non-rebuy tournament more than once? No. Use your head, people.