The poker community lost a brother this past Sunday when Justin Shronk passed away. It seems he passed from natural causes, and was not in any kind of pain. He had different health problems that he wrestled with throughout the last few years, so I would guess it was from one of these that he succumbed.

I knew Justin, or Shronk as he is affectionately known in the poker world, in several disparate capacities…intern, creative collaborator, friend, employee, and recently, radio producer. He had stepped into that producer role with ‘PokerRoad Radio’ and there couldn’t have been someone who knew how to make it move better than he did.

He had been there as our first radio intern back in our old days of the show, so he had his finger squarely on the pulse of what we were trying to achieve from a fan’s point of view. This was fitting as he came into the poker world, first and foremost, as a fan, and that is how I shall remember him.

Shronk was a fan of so much in this life. He was easily one of the most excitable people that I have ever known. Whether he was telling me to check out a new television show he watched religiously, rapping with me about some obscure band that we both liked, going back and forth about some episode of “Scrubs” that we both loved, or talking poker hands, poker multimedia, or really anything poker…Shronk was the consummate fan. Always excited and always moving and talking.

He loved new media and I think, in many respects, he was able to live some of his dream by being a part of it in poker, whether that was for CardPlayer, PokerNews, or most recently right here at PokerRoad. He was an integral part of our family and we will miss him with all of our hearts. It had been our honor to call him a co-worker, and more importantly a friend.

The poker community, and myself, are a little worse off today then we were before Shronk’s passing. I hope wherever he is, he is making absurd poker plays that I have tried to teach him will never work…those are always the most fun anyway.

We will miss you, Shronkles…

-Joe Sebok