The hand starts at 4:40 in the video below, although I assume everyone has seen it by now. I think I started the hand with about 230k, Tom had around 500k, and Peter had him covered.

I didn’t plan to respond on forums because so many of the posts on 2+2 were very misguided, but then someone reminded me that this is the reason we have a restricted forum.

A sample of the ideas that I didn’t want to have to wade through on 2+2:

1. That even with only overcards, I am always going to make a continuation bet into seven players.
2. That Peter or I thought Tom could have 10-10.
3. That Tom planned the whole scenario on the flop when he raised me.
4. That I should always limp reraise with Aces when I’m deep.
5. In deep stack poker, Peter’s preflop call is mandatory because you have to call with any two cards once a few players enter the pot.

Here is my discussion of the hand.

I certainly compliment Tom on his read of the situation on the turn, but he wasn’t going to win this pot if Peter didn’t have a deuce and and play it passively. Well, I guess that’s not 100% clear. I was definitely not getting away from my hand head up against Tom, but it is possible that if Peter raises immediately Tom may try to reraise him on the flop or turn and get him off the hand.

Any comments are welcome here. I know I will take a lot of criticism for my call on the flop and my fold on the turn for years to come. People may also weigh in on who had the easier route to winning the hand, Peter or me.