2008 WSOP Days 17-20a: $10k LHE, Lake, $1500 NLHE
June 18, 2021

I swear that there is a governmental conspiracy that is conspiring to keep my lazy ass on the couch as much as possible.

Due to the insanity of my schedule for the past six months, I fell extremely behind on my personal to-do list. I planned on taking care of everything before the series started, but due to things out of my control I was unable to get the things done that I wanted to get done. So, with the series starting, I knew that my schedule would be jammed full and I hired a personal assistant. That didn't work out and she was done within two weeks (nothing bad... she just had too much on her plate and I had too much that needed getting done). One of the thorns in my side has been my truck, which has registration that expired in September 07 and has failed every smog check after $2500 worth of repairs until... today. She was able to get the truck to the shop that had everything fixed for $200 and even did a smog check there for me. THANK YOU.

I get home by noon and am actually excited to go to the DMV. Every single one of my vehicles is not registered, and this is obviously because I would rather go to the Dentist (who I haven't been to in years) than go to the DMV, so therefore there was no shot that I was going until I got my truck ready to be registered... which happened to take until now. I'm in the Mustang, have him smog it, and he can't. The system is down or something. I go back to the house, grab all the paperwork necessary for the two vehicles and the bike, and go get the thing smogged. "Can't man, DMV system is down. Here's a $4 off coupon."


Now I'm tilty, and since I just moved into the master and failed at movie time last night I decided I needed a TV. Tilted Devo walks into Best Buy with an agenda to light money on fire and has two roommates to help... good news for BBY shareholders obviously. Long story short, the saleslady sucked at her job so bad that I left the store with a USB cable and a 2 gig SD card. I also had knowledge of what TV I wanted, went home, and purchased it for about $300 cheaper delivered. Cliff notes: Pick tv, she tries to sell me warranty, I say no, this repeats a few times, then she says, "Well, you know, whatever you want man." I say, "Thank you, and I don't want the additional warranty." Next sentence out of her mouth she tries to sell it to me again. I got pissed. Then I get slowrolled, turns out they're out of stock, I'm like fine deliver it, she says we can Friday, what time, I don't know. SIIIIIIGH. Then she says, "For an additional $20 we can rush the delivery and have it to you tomorrow."

I said, "I don't want it anymore."

I am very happy with my USB cable though.


Just got this e-mail. Please call for verification of order. I call, sit on hold for 15 minutes, find out that it's on back-order. Won't have it for 2 weeks. Sigh... cancel the order.

I'm LOLing right now.

Anyways, lets talk about poker.


Sunday I was super excited for the $10k LHE World Championships. I sat near my friend Mike Schneider, defending champion from the last $10k limit event in the world (Party Million 06) and I thought that was cool that the event is back after over 2 years. I got tortured pretty good - not much I could have done really. Although it would not have changed the outcome I could have played better which frustrated me, but it lit a fire under my ass to kick butt on Tuesday.

We saw our first outrageous lines at the Tuesday $1500 NLHE donkament. They called a 30 min break after the first level to get everybody through the lines. Here's how my tournament went:

Chip up to 6k quickly. Get coolered AK v AA back to 3k. Stay at 3k until 150-300/25, when I chip up to 10,750 at dinner break with the only showdowns I saw were vs. really short stack shoves that I called and won vs. I accumulated really really well. We're down to like 400 left of the 2200 entrants, I'm just below average, and I lose a flip in a 23k pot that cripples me to 2k. Standard race, but they did it to me dirty and my pair held until the ace on the river. I was really crushed to be honest. I was more frustrated about busting out of that one than any other tournament this year (figure that one out for a second...). I think the combination of now being 0-11 and the mindset going into the tournament yesterday lead to my frustrations when busting so close. Poker Radio

So, we are switching back to limit and 5pm's today with the $1500 Stud today and the $10k Omaha 8 tomorrow. Super excited for the O8 obv, sick of being an o-fer, but I suppose if I repeat my WSOP results from the last two years I will be happy come a month from now. Maybe I'll just save up all my summer run good for the Main Event, take 2nd in that one, be robusto, and then start winning bracelets in 09.

Peace and Good Luck,


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