Chasing Snow, Days 3-5
January 8, 2022



Telluride was a blast.  The mountain was huge and deserted, unfortunately there wasn't enough cover to have most of the difficult terrain open.  I really enjoyed the town.  The first night our first and last bar was The Brown Dog.  The dude to Shelley's left asked the general questions, then was like, "Wow, you're a professional poker player?"  No fewer than five dudes randomly came up to me and asked, "Hey are you the professional poker player from Vegas?"  This cumulated with the bar owner hanging out for about twenty minutes.

They all invited us to play in their weekly $30 with one rebuy NLHE tournament, down at the Elks lodge.  I mean, ever since "Holy shit that's a hell of an elk," who hasn't wanted to play cards in an Elks lodge?

Shelley and I got there a little early, and the head signer upper dude (who's name I remember but don't know if I should say) gave me the 20 questions game figuring out if he wants to let me play or not.  Members only.  I tell him who told me, "Plus a bunch of other dudes," cause I could only remember one name, which correlated pretty closely with how much of the night I remembered.  Finally Shelley comes up with a nickname, and boom, we're in.  Atta girl.

I had a helluva good time.  I was welcomed well by most, laughed at by a few, and one raised some eyebrows. I ran hotter than hell flipping coins, winning 4 straight $20 flips, then going 2-1 for $40.  It was sweet.  I got my ass kicked in the tournamnet, but had a great time.  We later played 1-2 NL (Hold'em) PL (all other flop games) Dealers Choice.  It was so much fun.  Thanks y'all!

In Crested Butte now, and things are off to a great start.  I'm at the bar watching the ALABAMA game and my battery's about to die, and I left my charger in the hotel room.  Like a quarter mile away.

Peace and good luck,



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