Chasing Snow, Days 13-16
January 22, 2022

We decided to stay an additional day in Steamboat because Keller Williams was playing Friday night. That, and it's just an awesome town. Keller put on a great show as always, this being the third time that I had seen him, and he did the solo act which is always cool. On stage there's an electric guitar and bass on stands, a keyboard, electric percussion instrument, a mic, and a sound board. Keller comes out with his acoustic guitar to drive most of the songs, goes for a bit, records a loop, and then begins recording loops over the acoustic rhythm until he has quite a groove going. He then jams, and it is seamless. Keller lived in Steamboat for six years, and thus both Keller and the crowd were very much into the show. It was excellent.

Saturday we disappointingly ended up staying at the Antlers Hilton downtown instead of my buddy's place. Furthermore, another one of my bud's was having a birthday party that the entire (small) community of people that I lived with here in 2003-05 would be at. Shelley's Ravens were also playing their playoff game. I was planning on watching that with her, then meeting up with everybody else afterwards. Turns out that even after being invited we weren't really invited. Pretty brutal honestly. I felt very much unwelcome in a town that I used to live in with a group of people that I used to be very close with. I don't get it honestly and am quite hurt over it, but we ended up having a great night anyways.

My still good buddy and former roommate Travis came up from Pueblo to watch the game with us, the Ravens sadly lost, and Travo got a call from his buddy up in Denver inviting us up to their home game, 5 cent - 10 cent $10 max NLHE. We made the drive up the 25, had a great night, and they were all very eager to "beat the pro" and then celebrate every pot (which was most) in which they did so. It was a very fun night, and it was good to finally meet that group of Travis' friends, one of whom he named his son after.

Sunday I played online, ran like a quadriplegic through mud, made a deep run in the FTP million, and busted to Bax. Ugh Sundays.

Monday we had lunch, checked out the Garden of the Gods, and then headed out to Dave and Michelle's ranch near Westcliffe in Custer County. I worked with Dave and Michelle at Peak 3 in the summer of 03 and have maintained friendships with them. After Peak 3 folded they bought the business end of the ranch, running horseback pack trips in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. This range is fantastic and the most magnificent range of mountains that I have ever experienced. It's where Peak 3 was based out of, it holds South Colony Basin which is my favorite place in the world, and is simply a wonderful place. The ranch has somewhere between 40 and 45 horses on it and they run all kinds of pack trips out of here. They bought a piece of the ranch and some property to build a house on which we're staying at this week, and I'm getting a taste of a lifestyle I've always wanted to experience. Living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, working with horses, and enjoying life slow. I'm stoked. We're hitting Monarch on Wednesday, and supposedly there's supposed to be some snow coming in, which is very much needed.


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