Chasing Snow, Days 20-23
January 30, 2022

 Friday it snowed all day and we hung around the house.  I worked in the afternoon and we played a few game of Settlers of Catan.  I played the UBOC event, busted quickly, and we just relaxed most of the day.

Saturday there were two morning UBOC events, one of them being the $1k heads-up.  I tortured my opponent but he ran hotter than me and I busted in the first round.  I busted the other event quickly too, sigh, and we packed up to head to Beaver Creek.
My buddy Billy (cancer survivor, formerly of the money factory in San Diego and now of Chicago, who I stayed with there on the Great Ride) is a helluva skier and is spending a couple of weeks in this awesome house with his bud Martin.  This house is ridiculous, three levels, six bedrooms, big deck with a jacuzzi overlooking Beaver Creek.  
Sunday I played online all day and ran like Death to a car bombing in Baghdad.  
Monday we hit the slopes in Vail, stoked to ride ten fresh inches.  We met their buddy Sam and skied hard all day.  I'm getting old and they're young and kicked my butt all over the mountain.  Halfway through the day they had me jumping off cliffs, which I've never done, but with ten inches of fresh powder I'll try anything.  It was fun, nothing like a constructed hit in a park but just as awesome in it's own right.  We quit sometime around two, I was bushed, and we headed home.
I had a sandwich with a banana, soaked in the hot tub, took a nap, and then woke up for the evening session.  I made a deep run in the UBOC 9, $109 LHE, was top ten most of the tourney, chip leader with nine left, and busted eighth.  The wheels on the bus just fell off, my better hands never held, and I went to bed frustrated.  
One for ten.  Not how I envisioned things going.  Good thing we're only halfway through.  
Peace and good luck,

3 months ago
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