Chasing Snow, Days 24-27
February 2, 2022

 Tuesday we chilled out around the house and put in a bunch of hours working. I continued running horribly but hey, I'm in Colorado. Billy and I made a video for PokerVT on heads-up PLO. About a year ago he switched from NLHE to PLO and has loved it. He's super smart and good and I wanted to learn from him. After about an hour of learning, I'm like, we need to put a microphone in front of us. We made 85 mins worth of video, him explaining what he's doing and why, me asking questions. I think it came out really good. It was a fun video too. After busting one guy we had the video paused waiting for another customer. We got one, made top set on the first hand, got it in vs. middle set, and then we paused the video. They rebought, we played one more hand, stacked them again, and lol'd. Then, the guy we played first was sitting at 10-20, we sat, and won most of his stack on the first hand. Bang, bang, bang. It's an interesting game that I definitely am weakest at so was stoked for the coaching.

Wednesday we did more work/chill, had happy hour at an Irish bar, and then worked at night. More run like death.

Thursday we hit the slopes in Vail again. Billy's little brother came out so it was the three of us. We spent a lot of time back in the trees, finding a sweet run that the top half was like a downhill course with lots of speed and fly zones, and the bottom half just the sweetest tree run ever with rocks to jump off at the bottom. Bill was kicking ass all day, we moved to another run, and the second time down he went huge off this cliff/rock thing. Huuuuuge. He hit the ground, bounced forward, planted one ski vertically in the snow, and then blocked the mountain with his face. He bit through his bottom lip in two places, chipped one tooth on the top, and cracked a molar on the bottom. He knocked himself silly too, thank goodness he was wearing a helmet. When he got up he fell over a couple of times, denied having a concussion because he didn't want to ride in the sled down the hill, but fortunately got his feet under him and was solid all the way down. Which, in Vail, meant down that run, up a lift, down another run, up another lift, then down several different runs to a mile long catwalk.

We headed to a dentist recommended by the "ask me" guy in front of the trail map. They walked him straight in, Johnny, Shelley and I went to get food/beer, but they couldn't have beer because they both didn't have ID's on them. We waited in the office half an hour after lunch, then went to City Market to fill a prescription of Vicodin, and then were on our way back home until I got pulled over in front of the market, across the street from Beaver Liquors.

"You have your license and registration?"
"Yes... what's up?"
"Did you see me there?"
"You didn't use your turn signal."

FFS c'mon.

"This isn't my car, he banged up his face (I point at Bill in the front seat who still looks a little bit like a vampire) on the slopes today so we took him to the dentist."

He let us go with a warning and told me to make it a habit to use my turn signal. I felt served and protected.

Friday was another work day, Bill and I made another PLO video this time covering 6 and 9 max, and I declared it to be party day. The fellas got home from skiing early and we all started drinking. That led to beer pong, which led to pizza, which led to two taxis taking us to Vail Village, which led to the Red Lion, which led to Martin and Ross hitting on the same chick multiple times, and Bill and I bribing Johnny $200 to somehow acquire this dude's shiny silver shirt and wearing it from point of acquisition until arrival back home in Avon. Turns out the dudes were Canadian, the guy earned the shirt figure skating, and wouldn't sell it for $500 since it "guarantees that he gets laid". We took a diesel Excursion "taxi" back to the house and called it a night.

Peace and good luck,



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