Chasing Snow, The End
February 5, 2022


I'm pretty bummed as we head West through Edwards, CO on our way toward Las Vegas.  It's definitely time for this trip to be over, but I love Colorado so much and it makes me sad every time I leave.  I mean, we just drove by a dude and his dog ice fishing on a pond between the highway and a rest area. The people here are more my kind of people, and the pace of life is the kind that makes me happiest.  
I find myself rebelling a bit against the normal progression of life.  I'm getting older, but I certainly don't want too.  I'll be 29 this summer.  I've heard that things start falling apart at 30.  Many people my age are married with kids by now, and although that's a vision of mine down the road I don't want anything to do with it right now.  I want to be able to live in Colorado if I want to, go walk the PCT for a few months if I want to, etc.  Those desires don't mesh with settling down at all and being in the middle leaves me unhappier than if I was on either side.  
Anyways.  This month sucked ass as far as poker goes.  It started off great, my first week of the new year I won like $3k live and $2k online.  I hit my "career peak" on Ultimate Bet on Jan 7th, and since then my graph looks like the dow in 2008.  My general pattern of punting the big pots was either get it in good and lose or run into aces in sigh spots.  My last session twice I flatted AKs on the button, twice one of the blinds squeezed big (one time at 3-6 6max it was $21, I call, bb makes it $170), twice I shove, and twice they have aces.  Tourneys haven't been any better.  UBOC I played almost 20 events, cashed in two.  In one I was cl at 9, in limit hold'em, busto 8th.  Another small cash in the 100r, got unlucky.  This Sunday I took 30 somethingth in the Warm-up, and 50th ish in the 150r, all running bad when it mattered.  
Strangely though I'm pretty excited to get back and do some grinding.  I'm excited to spend time in LA and work, and I do want to start getting stuff out of the garage and storage unit and have a yard sale.  So we're headed home.  But I'm missing Colorado already as we cross the western slope of the Rockies, following the Eagle River, 100 miles from Utah.  I'll be back soon.
Peace and good luck,



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