Tired of Playing I Can't Win
February 12, 2022

 The last month of poker has been brutal.  I've lost at everything I've touched and haven't had a good winning day since the first week of the new year.  One week earlier this month I got aces in pre four times and lost every one.  I didn't mind it so much in Colorado, but running bad in Vegas just plain sucks.  

Friday a bunch of us played Magic til about 3am, drafting the new set that was released recently.  We took a dinner break and headed to Texas de Brazil.  Place was awesome, you sit down, go to a salad bar, return to the table, and when you're ready for meat you turn a coaster-ish thing from red to green.  Green means go meat.  There are dudes wandering around with skewers of meat, affectionately  dubbed "meat-walkers," who offer you meat if your button is green.  All kinds of good stuff that would make any vegetarian vomit.  
I loved it until I lost at credit card roulette, and the dinner didn't taste as good for $437.  Can't complain though, it's been a good run and I've dodged some four digit ones along the way.  About a year ago I got heads up with Tiffany Michelle for a big one, was gonna discuss a chop to get it down into the high threes, decided she was running bad enough to run it and won that flip.  It was a good run platinum Wells Fargo card.  
Saturday I didn't do anything.  It was great.  Mass Effect all day, tried a new Sushi place near the house called Sushi21, it was great and cheap (due to $1 Sapporos and 2 for 1 sake).  Came home, more Mass Effect, sleep.
Sunday I didn't play poker and it was fantastic.  I went to Eric Baldwin's place to watch the Super Bowl with Justin Young, the corresponding women, and Renee.  Love those guys, always have a great time, and Sunday was no different.  
Monday woke up eager to work and make money, lost two buy-ins, and am now playing the nightly tournies.  
Peace and Good Luck,

3 months ago
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