LAPC Days 5-8
February 24, 2022

I showed up for the 8 game.  Started strong at a great table.  First hand back from break i had (KK)K in stud, re-raised (completion, raise...) 3rd, bet 4th, raised 5th, raised 6th, and just called when he bet into me again on 7th, losing to a flush.  It was all downhill from there.  I went downstairs, played a little bit of cash but wasn't into it, got hung up in the bar a bit, and then made it home early early (before midnight).  

The next day was the $1k HORSE.  I started the tournament with 5990 instead of 6k.  I was missing two nickels.  They were in the stack next to me.  That solved, I hit my high point of the tournament, 6k.  I'm glad I've started booking winning sessions again, but I'm still sick of running like hell.  Went downstairs and lost $1500.  Sigh.

Thursday was the $1k NLHE.  I started off strong, even pulling off the "overcall back shove".  EP decent player opens to 300 at 50-100, internet kid who I don't know but knows people I know and smiles a lot and thus I like him calls, I'm in the cutoff with AQo and 4600 or so and elect to call, the button makes it 1100, initial raiser calls, flatter folds, I shove.  The button 3 bettor thinks for a bit and re-shoves, I'm expecting to lose a flip to tens or jacks but instead see that he has A6o, the initial raiser had 66, and I somehow find a way to hold.

That was it to the good things happening though.  Shortly after break Liv Boeree gets moved to my table, I open QQ, she flats button, heads up flop AAx I check, she bets, I call, turn a brick, I check, she bets, I call, river a K, I check, she checks, I lose to KQ.  King-queen always wins.  Downhill from there, I finally got to shove 15bbs with 44 and got snapped by K8s who barely had me covered, gg me.  Went downstairs, won $1500.    

Today's Friday.  No tourney today.  Gonna head down and try to win $5k.  WPT Invitational tomorrow, online in Newport on Sunday, more tourneys next week, then the main in 7 days.

Peace and good luck,



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