LAPC Days 9-11
March 3, 2022
Friday I didn't win $5k.  I did win about a hundred though.  And I won a draft at my brother's card store.  

Saturday I played the WPT Invitational.  I headed in a bit early, intending on getting some food, and after a long journey of aimlessly driving around south-eastern Los Angeles I ended up at this Mexican seafood place just a block north of the Bike that was fantastic.  

I made it to the Commerce in time to catch an hour of the open bar.  The energy in the room was electric.  I wandered about a bit, mingling with several groups of people, until they got the cards in the air on time at 8pm.  

To my right was Chris Masterson.  I had no clue who he was while he was getting media attention and kinda giggled to myself cause I had just introduced myself to him moments before and identified him as "the random to my right" named Chris.  Not random.  And not bad at poker either.  Tight, but that's fine in settings like that.  I eventually busted to him when he opened UTG to 3.5x and I couldn't help myself from shoving 18bbs with AQo, even though I really wanted to fold.  I guess it can't be that bad since he took like 40 seconds to call with AKdd, but it's probably bad since his range isn't much wider than AK.  Chris Ferguson, Jerry Buss, and the bestest agent ever Katie Lyndsay were also there.  Rest I didn't recognize or figure out who they were.  

This tournament felt like a charity event but had a 200k prizepool tacked onto it being paid out to six spots.  It definitely played like a charity event the first day and like the real deal the second day.  Since it was in charity mode the first day, I didn't want to leave, cause the entire room was having a great time.  A loosely associated gathering of lounge lizards congregated in the back, consisting mostly of poker players, wpt staff, and media.  At one point the possible new WPT hostess thought to herself, "I've always wanted to try knocking the top of somebody else's beer with the bottom of my beer.  Right now I'm standing in front of Devo, who's in a dress shirt, sport coat, and the whole nine yards, and is holding a full Dos Equis.  This seems like a great opportunity."  She smacked my beer with her beer like she was swinging a sledge hammer.  It exploded.  I got soaked from tits to thighs and she looked like deer in the headlights.  She was clearly embarrassed and felt bad so I called her a bitch and told her to buy me two new beers immediately.  That's not true.  I only made her get me one.  

I actually didn't know what to say, cause, she obviously wasn't trying to do THAT, and I know I've been the guy that is too drunk and explodes my buddy's beer in the same fashion, but this was a slightly different situation than Half Shell when the sun's coming up.  Plus we don't know each other well, and a ton of people are standing around.  I wasn't mad, but I was obv like wtf, but, oh well imo.  I felt honored that she would be having enough fun to try a stupid idea like that on me.  And it's just beer, maybe I can squeeze some out of my shirt after they cut us off at 2am.  We all went outside to smoke cigars and dry off.  

Sunday I went to Newport to play at Chris Tryba's beach front boardwalk side pier nearby apartment.  I could have spit onto sand from his balcony.  I had a disappointing Sunday.  Headed home, met my buddy Shawn, Danny the Degenerate's little brother who is a Long Beach police officer, for food and drinks at Applebees on the way back.  That turned into a couple of beers at this dive bar in Upland, where I got my ass kicked by the computer on a table top poker video game.  He told me fun stories of getting shot at and high speed pursuit training.  

Monday was the $3k 6max NLHE.  I played great, made a decent run increasing my stack steadily, and then lost it all in 3 pots within 15 minutes.  Open/shoved 77 lost to AK, 3-bet/folded 99 from the BB vs. the same villain, and lost the rest AK<44.  Did a radio show on pokerroad with guest Justin Young, went upstairs and played Chinese, won, then headed home.  

Saving all my run good for the main?  Lets hope.

Peace and good luck,


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