LAPC The End
March 4, 2022
Well, it turns out that I didn't save all my run good for the main event.  I'm still reserving it for a date to be determined.  The good news though is that I won a seat in a mega-satellite, and since I had already paid for my seat, it turned into cash in pocket, enough to make me a slight cash winner on the trip, unfortunately I still lost my ass in tournaments.  

My main went like this:

Day 1:  Show up, fold a bunch of hands.  Near the end of level 2 Steve Sung sits down, gets settled in, and on his 2nd or 3rd hand at 50-100, 20k effective, he limps UTG.  I make it 400 with KhKs, he calls.  Heads up flop of J86 all spades, he checks, I bet 600 into 950, he makes it 2100, I call.  Turn an offsuit deuce, he bets 4200, I call.  River a red trey, he bets 10k, I fold.  He claimed to have flopped the nuts, and I believe him, because we have enough of a repore that I don't think he'd go out of his way to lie to me, he'd just ignore it.  IMO.  At the end of level 3 I got most of the pile in with 77 v AQ and lost, down to 3k.  I spent the rest of the day battling back, doubling up with KT>A4 and TT>AK, ending the day with around 12.5k.  

Day 2:  Came out of the gates quick, doubling through Matt Woodward with KK>AQ.  Started actually accumulating chips.  Built up to 90k, got moved to a table with Mark Seif on my direct left who never has it.  First hand we play I open AQ, get 3 callers including Mark, flop J52hh, checks around.  Turn Ah, checks to Mark who makes a weak bet, folds around I call.  River another ace, I check, Mark triples his turn bet, but I sure as hell ain't folding, he shows me fives full.  Usually when you check call Mark on the river, his hand hits the muck.  Little while later I open 88, Mark 3 bets the button, I really wanted to 4 bet but I hated 4-bet folding and I disliked 4-bet calling, so I decided to call cause I really don't mind the check-call game vs. Mark.  Love ya buddy :).  Comes T66 I check call, turn a brick, I check, he bets again, it felt pretty weird, I folded, he told me later he had A6.  Ended the day with 65k.

Day 3:  I was fired up ready to go.  2nd hand of the day I get KK, 3 bet Shaun Buchanan, get it in on KJxdd v A8dd and hold, bang baby 130+k now.  Unfortunately I played three more pots that level, and got river'd on all three, back to 65k into level 12.  

And that's where it all went wrong.  I switched back to losing every hand, and eventually made my exit the first hand of level 14, AQ<88, somewhere around 110th place with 72 paying.  Sigh why couldn't y'all have busted me when I had 3k.

Frustrated I just wanted to get the hell out of Dodge.  I drove across the desert, made it back home to Vegas, and the Wynn Classic is already underway.  It's only a matter of time.

Peace and good luck,


4 months ago
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