Wynn Poker Classic, My Days 1-4
March 9, 2022
Sunday night after busting from the LAPC main, as is usually the case, I just wanted to get the hell out of  Dodge.  I drove home, packed, drove across the desert, and went straight to ol G Smith's place.  We had a few cocktails waiting for Fuller and Ships to show up, and then we headed over to Porchlight.  I challenged Rick to a game of Big Bank Takes Little Bank.  Basically two or more players put an agreed upon amount into identical machines, play an identical number of hands or spins at the same bet size, and then whoever has the biggest ticket at the end of the frequencies wins all tickets.  

Rick decided to twist the rules, and Gavin said, "Whatever it is, I'm in."  The new game ended up being big bank meets tournament blackjack.  We each stuck $20 in the machine and anted $20 for a side pot.  We played 10 hands of $1 min bet blackjack.  We drew for machines and a button, the button moved to the left every hand, and player on the button had to declare bets and then play first.  You could bet from $1-10, but if you won you could let it ride.  Obv doubling and splitting played.  At the end of the 7th hand, whoever had the smallest pile had to quit, adding their bankroll to the prize pool.  We played long enough that by the time we left we needed sunglasses.  

That prevented me from playing the $545 at noon, since bedtime came somewhere around 7:30.  I made it down there though by about 6:30pm intent on playing some 5-10.  The game was ridiculous, not a single good spot anywhere.  Turns out they're running $225 2nd chance tourneys, I don't want to go home, so I decide to play.  Take 12th, 9 pay.  QQ<Ax.  

The following day I played the $545 nooner.  I have been working on my game a bit, dabbling with laggishness, and had a real fun time with it as I ran 10k into 40 by the first break and 70 by the 2nd.  I had it up to 100, moved to another table, spewed off 60k on my way to the dinner break, doubled after KK>AQ, and made the money at 18 with an average stack.  Few hands later this old dude opens to 20k at 1500-3000/500.  I shove for 75k with kings, he calls with 77, and makes a running flush.  GG me. 

Wednesday was the O8 tourney.  I never had a chance.  Went home in time to play online, that didn't go well after a couple of deep runs.  

Thursday I headed in for another $545 NLHE, didn't play very well, and busted 30th with 24 paying.  Sigh.  

Lotsa poker this weekend, and then Monday morning myself, Jared, and 16 other dudes are headed to Long Beach on a party bus to get on a cruise ship bound for Baja.  It is Jared's birthday week after all.  

Peace and good luck,


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