Post Cruise, End of Wynn Classic
March 19, 2022
I spent most of Friday recovering.  Headed in to play a little cash at night but was just too tired.

Saturday was the $2k.  I played really well, built up a nice big stack, went card dead in the stretch, and then got it in on the flop with red sixes on 762dd v Sorel's 88.  4, 5.  At least he went on to chop the damn thing.  

We finally fired a Calcutta too.  About a dozen gathered around a table on the side during the first break to auction off the 16 remaining players from the $2k the day before.  We started with the smallest stack and worked our way up, paying top 3 spots, and the payouts are reflective of the prize pool generated through the auction.  The minimum bid is like the blind, and especially when starting with the worst horse first it sets the trend for the rest of the auction.  

The first stack was worth like 21k at 1500-3k, minimum bid of $10.  Scott Clements takes him.  Jason Mercier effectively straddles, making it $20, meaning that every horse after this one would go for more than $20.  Fortunately Ben Lamb didn't decide to gas it yet and we had our first horse sold for $20.  

One stack was unknown.  We decided to auction it 4th.  Justin Young took that horse for $100, all the way to the bubble in 4th place.  

I stole Kathy Liebert for $130 a couple of picks later, sneaking in a bid just before the ink hit paper and everybody else was distracted.  After about ten picks I had three 15-20 bb stacks for a total investment of $270.  This is when things got silly.  Keith Fererra was on the block, and he's a stud, but he only had like 35 bbs.  We all knew him so he fetched a steep price, somewhere in the $240 range.  Now since that stack went for that much, that made all the bigger stacks behind it more valuable, thus expected to fetch a bigger price.  This also significantly increases the value of my horses, since the return on my investment will be greater with the inflated prize pool thanks to Keith being good and middle of the pack stack wise.  

The next several picks went in the $200-320 range with similar stacks.  Then Scott Seiver, another excellent player popped on the block like 5th in chips.  He should have gone for about $400, but Justin knew that Jason wasn't folding so kept outbidding him into the $500s to gas the prize pool a bit.  Scott took 10th.  

The rest of the horses all went for over $400, with the chip leader, Prinz Olav Von Sachsen going for $600 to Scott, his only horse.  The Prinz had about 30% of the chips in play and went on to take 3rd, earning Scott $108 net from the over $3500 prize pool.  Such a grinder.  

Sunday was online, and it sucked.  Post busto I went out with Tony Gugiano to grab some food and play shuffleboard.  I was jonesin for some Capos, but it was closed.  They opened another branch up at Sahara and Jones, they would wait for us before closing, so we headed up to check it out.  I liked it better than the Trop and Jones location, and that place has been my favorite Italian joint anywhere since I moved to Vegas.

We then headed over to Money Plays for some shuffleboard.  Travis Pearson met us, we got beat by some locals 15-14, and then we headed home in time for good sleep before the Wynn $5k.

Monday was day one, We were there for 13 hours, and I was slightly below average, very satisfied with my day.  Day two started off well, then the wheels fell off.  In one level I played two hands.  AK.  Both times all the money went in.  I went 0-1-1.  First time Chris Bjorn, Tony Korfman, and I got it in, Chris and I both having AK.  Tony won that one.  Next time I open utg, next dude flats, and BB, who was uber tight, calls with like 19bbs.  Flop KQxhh, BB bombs like 40% of his stack in a pot sized bet, I just call, the rest goes in on the turn heads up and he also has AK.  Better than KQ.  Next level I flatted Dan O'Brien's open and shoved on a squeeze, losing 88 to AK.  Got the rest in shoving on Dan on the button with deuces, ran into nines in the BB and Dan's aces, nines won, turned a straight giving me a live diamond draw.  That woulda been fun but instead I came home.  And started writing this blog.  And now I am done.  Goodnight.

Peace and good luck,


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