2008 WSOP: Days 22-26, Ramblin' Man...
June 24, 2021

This morning I realized that I've done a great job of not burning myself out this year because even after getting kicked in the nuts all day yesterday, I woke up this morning before 11am and all I wanted to do was play online poker... online nonetheless, which has been traditionally not my favoritest thing to do.

And on that note, I am off to my hottest start in the 100r ever and just got dealt KK and they shoved into me. 15k in 12 minutes so far... KK v AQ v J9... I lost that one. Sigh, back to 12k.

I think that right about now though is when I'm going to slam it into fifth gear and keep the pedal down until I run out of track, much like I did in the spring through the 25k. I'll probably play pretty much every single day now through the Bellagio Cup, taking 4th of July off obv. though. I wanted that Stud bracelet so bad... it made me pretty damn hungry. Unfortunately it's been very cruel since then, being evicted from Saturday's WSOP event within an hour and going a complete o-fer in like 15 online tournaments yesterday. Poker Radio

It was a good weekend though. I went to Fry's Electronics on Fryday, where the salesperson was way better than the one at Best Buy. I got the TV that I wanted at Best Buy (online order was canceled because it was in backorder). They sold it to me for $1399, Best Buy wanted $1619. Nice. Jerome even sold me on the 3 year protection plan (which I NEVER get unless they include intentional damage...) with this gem of a speech: "If something happens to your TV, call us, say what's wrong, and that day a tech will come to your house, inspect and diagnose the problem, fix it if possible, and if not take it away, give you a loaner, and make sure that you have a new TV delivered soon."

Yeah, the simple not having to deal with that hassle is worth the $139. Nice read sir.

Walked out of there spending a little over $2500, and I LOVE IT. I've never had a nice TV before and this thing is just sick. I feel like I went from the Hoyle Draw Poker handheld travel game to Full Tilt poker overnight. Saturday I did a whole lotta nothin and that was nice, played some games on the tv, and just relaxed in general. Sunday was lake day, that extended into Monday morning, and then I went back to work. I lost my wallet out on the boat, but I know everybody out there and don't think I have to worry about identity theft or anything as all the agencies that I have been canceling cards through have been warning me about. I'm glad that I don't have a credit card, but my social (which is so destroyed anyways won't ever be able to be used anyways I don't think) is in there as was my DL.

OK I'll end this torturesome ramble. I'll be playing on Full Tilt and Poker Stars all day if you feel like sweating or saying hi. badbeatninja ftw.

Peace and good luck,


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