Life in Lawrenceburg
March 26, 2022
Well the $10k didn't go well for me.  I had an okay day 1, and then just couldn't do anything on day 2.  Chipped up in level 6, did an interview, then chipped down the rest of the day until I got JJ in vs. Steve Levy's AK and lost and the last 21bbs went in with KK and lost to Faraz's TT.  

I decided to stick around because I wanted to see my sister who was supposed to be coming up from Columbus soon.  That left me with not much to do in the meantime, stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere Indiana.  Online poker has been way more entertaining this week.  I've actually wanted to play.  And I've done well, winning every session that I put in.  I did some live play, but the games aren't big enough here to really do work in.  

My sister finally made it up here on Tuesday.  We left the boat to find some food.  Turning left onto US highway 50, I said, "Isn't it crazy that this is the same highway 50 that Grandpa lives off of?"  She responds with, "Yeah, we need to talk about that.  He died."  Sigh really?  Pops was the man.  I remember him fondly through all of my childhood but pretty much lost contact with him after my dad died.  I re-established contact in March 2008 shortly before my Reno final table, and <a href="">wrote about it here</a>.  The last time I talked to him was on Christmas.  I asked him to take Jared and I arrowhead hunting.  He wouldn't because he was "too old".  I asked him if he wanted to talk to anybody there, he said yes, Maxine.  She wouldn't talk to him because she can't hear well on the phone with her hearing aid, and asked if he would write her a letter.  Now he's dead, I bet he never wrote that letter, and March 2008 was the last time I will ever see him.  Makes me sad.  Part of me wishes that I never got back in touch with him because it would hurt less now.  Sarah's basically like shrug, no big deal, haven't seen him in 13 years and I was 9 then.  I was close to him though once.  I tried to make it happen again.  I'm sad.  

TV final table in under 2 hours.  GL to Chris Bell.

Peace and good luck,


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