Back to Church and the River
April 10, 2022
I knew we had a good night the night before when I wandered back into Half Shell Saturday night after picking up my car and everybody was pissed.  "Oh, it's the guy who decided to win something and order Jaeger last night.  **** you."  Hahaha.  I have vague memories of hanging on the roof behind the bar with Billy Kopp and some other knuckleheads being idiots.  I'm a big believer in celebration, and it's been a while since I've had something worth celebrating poker wise.  I'm now pretty fired up to play and have a completely refreshed mental state after cashing for over $170k this month after a quarter million downswing over almost two years.  

Sunday morning we woke up early to meet Gavin at his church The Crossing.  Of all the influences in my life, I never expected the one that gets me back inside a church first would be ol G Smith.  But I loved the church, it's the perfect size imo, not too big that you feel lost, not so small that there's no energy.  Gavin introduced me to his friend Paul who I immediately recognized as a pro also, and I think it'd be really cool if we could generate a community of professionals who are Christian and I think building a group under the roof of a church is a brilliant idea.  Pretty excited to go back and talk to people on a non-crazy day.  

Sunday afternoon I played online alllll day, had several small cashes and a final table min-cash.  Sundays are so exhausting.  I honestly feel like showering after a long Sunday more than after camping.  Which is what I left to do on Monday.  

After waking up I hopped in the car (quickly too because it was windy and raining) and started driving south with the river near Parker, AZ being my destination.  Crappy conditions to start a river trip in.  Generally my uniform for these trips is one pair of boardshorts and two t-shirts.  It was an awesome drive across the desert.  The further I got out of Vegas, the more the clouds were breaking.  It's April and the red rocks turn green with vegetation announcing the first bloom of the desert, white wildflowers on a three week pilgrimage in the wind.  The sun was barely breaking through as I descended toward the dry lake bed and Searchlight and I just enjoyed the hell out of that drive.  

I made it to Echo Lodge RV/Mobile Home Park 11 miles north of Parker on the California side about 4:15pm.  We're in a single wide that my buddy picked up for five dimes and inheriting the lease, $500 a month.  It's pretty awesome.  Court would fit right in here.  I changed into boardies but left my shirt and hoodie on and walked over toward the beach to meet the fellas on the boat and join the party.  They picked me up and we went downriver to Fox's, a bar on a dock in the river.  Pull up your boat, tie it up, have cocktails.  There's $1 bills written on by people going back tens of years all over everything.  Jared and I have one up there somewhere from Labor Day 2003, the last time we were there.  This time we put up another that just says, "J-Rod, Devo, AGAIN."  Commence the shit show, somebody had the idea to order Jaeger Bombs, and toward sunset it was time to leave and go to another bar.  On the water.  Called Roadrunners.  They had tacos.  It was fantastic.  I met a guy named Crazy Snyder who told me the most legit Vietnam stories that I have ever heard.  The boat was leaving, I just needed to get in the boat, but I made them wait so he could finish talking.  It was well worth it.  

Peace and good luck, 

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