Pet-a-Palooza, Holyfield, Sunday, and HORSE
April 16, 2022
Saturday I got ready and fired up for Pet-a-Palooza, an outdoor music festival that you can bring your dog to.  Or iguana, snake, and one brave pet owner brought their cat.  Five for Fighting said, "You can be our bodyguard anytime."  I unfortunately couldn't wander around barefoot at this festival.  I made it in time to get food, find the only beer tent in the joint, and catch the start of Chris Allen.  I had no idea who this guy was but really dug his first tune.  It was him and some other dude just on acoustic guitars.  Then he talked between songs.  Lots of name dropping, very much a vibe of check out how cool I am.  It made me like him less.  I'm like, shut up and keep playing your awesome music.  

After that came the hairest dog contest.  A poodle won, which just shouldn't be allowed.  The dumb dogs don't do anything but win dog contests.  Then on came an acoustic version of Five for Fighting, the dude (John Ondrasik?) on piano and lead, a percussionist playing a cajon, and the bassist.  They were good.

Bare Naked Ladies were the headlining act, and right before they came on stage several of the 94.1 radio people came up with STACKS of extra Holyfield tickets for that night.  Seriously?  I mean they had like hundreds.  Gave them away.  Shelley and I nabbed two and had plans for the night.  BNL kicked all kinds of ass, I've always kinda liked their music, but they were phenomenal live and I really enjoyed their show.  

We went home, cleaned up, and headed to the Thomas and Mack Center for the Holyfield fight.  It was really weird.  Nobody cared.  Nobody was there.  There were like 25 empty seats directly in front of me, seriously nobody for five rows, and our seats were decent, $75 face value.  It was a title fight for some non-important boxing organization, but was still a pay-per-view event.  Place was at like 20% capacity.  We had fun, went home, had a George Clooney marathon watching Into the Air or whatever that he travels all the time movie is and The Men Who Stare at Goats.  Both were excellent, the first got me thinking a bunch and the second made me laugh a bunch, plus I knew enough of the back story from listening to Coast to Coast to make it pretty relevant to me.  

Sunday was online.  Meh.  I was one tabling early without a cash, ran that into a min-cash +1 and losing with AK to A5.  Bad day but coulda been a zero cash day.

Monday I played the 4pm $350 HORSE at the Venetian.  It's the best structured $300 buy in event I have ever played.  Too much so.  96 entered, started at 4pm, played hour levels with 15 minute breaks and a 40 minute dinner break, 8k starting stack, and after completing day 1 at 2am there are 29 players left, average stack about 25k, we're playing 1k-2k now, finally things might start moving.  I mean, a tournament with a first prize of less than 8k shouldn't take 20 hours to complete.  But hey, good for them, it just kills both my and the dealers' hourly.  I'm pretty sure I'm the chip leader, I have almost 83k, good for 10% of the chips in play.

Peace and good luck,


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