Montreal, eh? Oui.
April 21, 2022
Well that HORSEament took f'n forever.  I busted somewhere around 3am, 21 hours of play, fourth.  Five handed, Chris Tryba was the chip leader and busted 5th.  Four handed I was the chip leader and busted fourth.  Three handed Hollywood Dan was chip leader and took third.  Live poker is so rigged.  Hardest I've ever had to work for a $2k score.  It took us longer to get the black chips out of play than it did for me to win Rincon.  It's good practice and all, but a $300 tourney doesn't need to take 3 days.  You should be in the money by the end of day one.  

I slept good and hard afterwards.  HORSE is so much more mentally exhausting that any other game imo.  Even more so than 8-game.  A higher percentage of the games have a lot of information to process (ie stud games) and to play them well you have to process this information.  I'm more of a Commodore 64 than a Pentium so these things hurt my head after 21 hours.  I slept til 4:30pm Wednesday, woke up feeling great, had a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and then went upstairs to my grinding station.

I didn't bust a tourney until like 8pm which is great, and ended up cashing in the teens in the UB $1k and the FTP 100r 6 max.  Both disappointing but enough to make the day a winner, and I feel good about getting deep consistently lately.  

I then headed to Wal-Mart and had a celebratory dinner at McDonald's.  For here, please.  Walked around the store with my orange soda and bought some new carry-on luggage.  I figure the most expensive bag has to be like a Tumi, right?  Went home, finished laundry, and packed for Montreal.

Usually when I leave Vegas by airplane I'm tired and everybody else is broke and hungover.  One time on a flight this dude passed out, the flight attendant asked for a doctor, then asked again, saying, "I know there's a doctor on this flight I have the manifest."  The dude that passed out was the doctor.  The Sunday night flights to LA are amazing, bunch of tore up hookers and strippers going back to college.  This one however, was the most excited group of people ever for a 4 hour flight out of Las Vegas.  And they all spoke French.  All of them.  Quickly before the plane left I downloaded a French reference teaching book thing onto my Kindle.  I was overwhelmed, suck at the phonetics, and my foreign language mind has been set to Spanish for a dozen years.  That and the languages are similar enough that when I try to speak French a Spanish accent comes out of this gringo.  

The French have always intrigued me, ever since my first time being immersed in their culture in St. Martin in 2008.  I have always loved the Canadians.  And they're both here.  My first twelve hours in this city have been awesome, except for the cab driver dropping me off at the wrong hotel.  I even asked him again, you sure this is the Omni?  I mean c'mon, I celebrated the Canadian's victory with you, even though I couldn't understand the French commentary on the radio.   

Anyways, I'm here to do battle at the Poker Pro Canadian Classic or something like that.  It's a $1590 buy-in with 3 day ones that you can rebuy into if you busto one of the days.  Today's day 1b so I'm gonna give it a shot today and tomorrow.  

Oh yeah, my room comes with a bidet and a douche bag.  Check out my vlog.

Peace and good luck,

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