Montreal and Back to Vegas
April 24, 2022
So I played Friday, pretty much was in cruise control all day and ended with just shy of 50k, slightly before average.  No problem.  Along the course of the day I met two dudes who I knew from the online realm, Anthony and Jay, and they were solo also, so we formed a trio.  Anthony had a car, had intended to head home to New York after play and came with nothing, but due to circumstances beyond his control needed to stay in Canada for the duration of the tournament.  I had a floor he could sleep on.  We headed back across the Mercier bridge, in way worse condition than it's poker playing counterpart, and went adventuring that night.  We heard that Crescent street was the place to be, we went there, and had a good time.

Next day was a day off.  We slept late, woke and headed to Tim Hortons, and then began shopping since Anthony had nothing.  We ended up at this sweet mall on Rue Ste Catherine that was a crazy big five floor mall that was dug into the ground.  Levels 3 and lower were below ground level.  It was a pretty cool place and the whole afternoon of experiencing the town was quite enjoyable.  It's by far the most European town I've experienced in mainland North America, slightly behind the towns in St. Maarten, however I suppose as far as actual cities that's the most non-American culture I've experienced yet.  I liked it.  

After shopping we headed back to the room and played Chinese for a while, with a deck of cards from China which was given to my friend who just returned from a missions trip there, and the game started innocently enough for $1/point but ended aggressively at $15/point.  We're such degens.  After that Jay wanted to play some cards and Anthony and I decided to have a nice civilized evening.  We went to dinner at Moieshe or something like that, pronounced moy-SHEE, and it was an awesome steakhouse.  We then decided to head back to Crescent Street to find a nice quiet pub to chill out in.  

We found it at Ziggy's pub.  We were having a nice quiet evening until a short old man started pouring car bombs.  I asked him to make two extra.  That's when things went wrong.  An Irish Car Bomb is two thirds of a pint of Guiness that you drop a shot glass with half Jameson and half Bailey's in it into the Guiness and then chug.  It hits you like an Irish car bomb.  Somewhere along the line Harris and his girlfriend Cam showed up, who we met the night before playing Ninja or Pirate, a game where you walk around the bar asking people the question, "My friend and I are gambling on your answer to this question: Ninja or Pirate?"  And you gamble on it.  And the loser picks the next horse, winner gets choice, and loser asks.  So you get to talk to people, gamble, and it's a ton of fun.  It was an interesting discussion coming up with other questions that could work as a replacement, and it's pretty tough to do.  Try it sometime, it's a great one.  Glass got broken, my brother runs a bar so I decided to be the guy to clean it up, and by the time the night was over I was a pseudo bar back, keeping the front of the joint sharp and free from glass shards, walking behind the bar to dump broken glass and opening employee only doors to replace brooms and dustpans.  It was a good ol time, everybody spoke English, and I finally realized this was significant and inquired.  Turns out that there's a donut hole in the middle of Montreal that is English speaking, thus why it was Crescent Street instead of Rue Crescent and everybody at the bars spoke English.  But they were all native and most were born and raised there.  Very fascinating culture and city.  

The following day was day 2/final day of the tourney.  I felt pretty good about my chances, maintained my stack til the last hand of the 2nd level and received a punt with KK when the action went open to 5200, call, I re-raise to 14,800 with 30k behind, folds to the initial raiser who folds, and the flatter calls.  Flop K9xr, he jams, I snap obv and hold over 89s.  Nothing worked after that and I busto'd in a blaze of glory where in about 15 hands UTG jammed 16bbs and I called with 99 on the button and lost to AA, got it in vs. Hollywood Dave for 12bbs with my JJ to his AA, next hand get KK, jam 8bbs and everybody folds, next hand jam over an open with QQ get called by AJ and hold, and a few hands later jam over an open with AK and lose to QQ.  Oh well.  Busto like 35th, 25 paid.

That afternoon I spent some time on a walk through the campus of McGill college and it was awesome.  Came back to the Omni to meet Hollywood Dave and go on an adventure, picked up this dude Tim to join us in the lobby bar, and then went food/alcohol hopping around downtown, having apps and beer at one place, pizza and beer at another, and then finally a meal at the last place chased with more beer.  We were the village idiots that night and had a good time.

Monday I headed home through Toronto, and somehow I managed to get myself searched going each direction this time.  I really need to start saying that I'm a teacher on holiday instead of a poker player with cash.

Peace and good luck,


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