2008 WSOP Day 27: $1k Rebuy Day One
June 26, 2021

At 1:04 am, with 1:17 left on the clock of the last level, Devo busted. This was after six levels of being a short stack ninja. He went straight to the bar.

Seriously the most frustrating days of poker are days like this. There was a bunch of interesting poker though, and I am thrilled with how I played giving myself the opportunity to make a score. The good news also is that I was in for the minimum ($4k) and didn't go off for a big number that I am very much capable of :).

The rebuy period was somewhat disappointing as my table was quite nitty, but that all changed with the last hand. I had built my stack up to about 8k from the 4k (2k + 2k immed rebuy) start, and a player with 4k shipped it utg. I was UTG+1 with the AcQh, I called, the girl (who was guilty of the most rebuys on the table... go figure) in the 2 seat called, and Lars Bonding called on the button. UTG had 99, the girl had 24ss, and Lars had A5o. Flop 248 all hearts (good for me ish...), turn 8 (good for 99, more outs for me), "Queen... queen... ... QUEEN!!!" I scoop that monster and end the rebuy period with 21250 and the chip lead at my table.

Levels 3 and 4 started out well as I won a race with TT v AJ BVB to build to like 26k. I then oscillated for a while until the last hand of the level when I started the hand with 22k. This was a very strange hand that was very much a live hand and would have never played this way online. Anyways, kid to my right who is in the process of slowly proving himself to be a donkey (but I thought he was decent earlier) limps with about 6500 at 100-200/25, I limp behind with Ad9d, the button raises to 800 with about 7500 in his stack, donkey to my right calls, and I call also. The flop comes 9s6s3c. Guy to my right leads into this 2950 pot for 1500. I decide to flat for a bunch of reasons, and the initial raiser flats also, obviously having nothing. Turn Tc, first player checks, I know I have the best hand and jam (effectively betting 3/4 pot to put either player all in), initial raiser folds, everybody leaves to break, and the donkey takes 3 minutes to call with his J9o and gets there. Sigh. I go to break with 15k instead of 30k, a little tilty, and definitely disappointed. However, I still have just under 40 big blinds and plenty of room to maneuver, but that didn't happen. I did meet Gene Todd on that break so that was a good de-tilting thing :).

Level's 5 and 6 didn't go well. I ran one big bluff against the same villain above where he called me on the flop with K high, I knew he had nothing when he called, and then turned a K which was really hard to put him on and I fired again which he called quickly (ty for not taking forever to call otherwise I would have surely fired the A river LOL). I did make a mistake on that hand though where I sized my flop bet like it was 200-400/50, not the new 300-600/75 level that we had just started, and that probably made me look as weak as I was (T high) and induced him to call with the best hand (KJ). Unfortunately I have been dabbling with a new theory called the "Value Bluff" and it cost me more on the turn when he got there. LOL. I promise an article when I perfect the value bluff (seriously btw even as ridiculous as it sounds). Poker Radio

N E Ways... from this point forward I was pretty much forced to be a short stack ninja, as I don't think my stack made it above 25 BB's once the entire rest of the night. After dinner was fun... I had exactly 15 BB's like 3rd hand back when Kenny Tran's girl opened UTG, I shipped my black queens, she called with her TT, and turned a T leaving me with 1250. I actually got to have a little bit of fun with my mini-stack, using some tricks that you never really get to use. One, when you have such a small stack, you want to get it in with maximum value on your chips rather than strength of hand. So, in the very next hand of 400-800/100, this dude opened, donkey flatted, and I'm putting it in any two cards here. I happened to have the 65o which is a monster in this spot (seriously) and called. Here's why this spot is so sick: we have 1250, and by calling here we have a shot at 4700, almost 4-1 on our money, and we are almost always going to see showdown heads up since there's gonna be a side pot. I ended up making two pair and more than quadrupling up to 5950. I folded my way down to the BB when this next fun spot happened. Mossified84 opened UTG+1 to 2200, same donkey to my right flats the SB (obv having nothing), and I stick my last 5k into the pot comletely intending on isolating myself, knowing that Mossified is going to ship it and isolate me because he knows that the guy that flatted the SB is literally calling with like 0% of his range.

Oh yah, I happened to have T3ss.

Anyways, I made 2 pair on that one also to beat Ryan's KJo, and then it was pretty much re-steal, shove, pick up chips, etc, etc, etc, until on the 2nd to last hand of the night with 77 and 15 BB's I shipped it on the opener, he had QQ, and gg me.

So, really a frustrating three days of poker. Between my 0 fer 15ish on Monday, yesterdays simultaneous chip lead in the 1k and stars nightly with bad finishes in both (45th and 19th), and the poor luck that I have had in some really key situations, these are the poker players equivalent of "bad days at work." They're super frustrating and draining. However, I obviously cannot complain about anything online poker related for another six months or so as this year goes down as one where I kicked ass no matter what happens for the rest of the year. I still am kicking ass as I am going deep and building stacks and putting myself in spots to succeed, but things simply haven't worked out when deep this month. I'm super driven though and am in total lockdown mode through the Bellagio Cup. I know I'm going to make something stick in the next month...

Peace and good luck,


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