Tail End of the Spring Season
May 1, 2022
Saturday I played the Venetian $2500 main event.  I never got anything going and busted rather early in the evening.  After a particularly frustrating level it was the last hand before break and I was in the big blind.  I know this because I wanted to go smoke and had to wait to fold in turn.  I was in the three seat.  When I came back from break, the button was still in the one seat.  They were about to deal, I said hold up the button's wrong, and the guy in the one seat violently said that the button was in the one seat.  That verbal argument turned into my challenge of a bet, accepted at $500, and then I say make it a thousand, he says really, I say yeah and pull out my roll, and he says okay.  Gary comes over, gets the situation, table is clueless, he says deal with it in the two seat, if we were wrong we'll go back and play a hand with the button in the one seat, and if we're right then I haven't paid the blind twice.  He calls surveillance, confirms that I am indeed correct, and then nothing happens for like a hand.  

I finally say, "So, when are you going to pay me?"  

"What for?"  Sigh.

He goes on to explain how the bet wasn't really a bet because he thought that I said that the button was in my seat.  The table laughs at this one.  The entire table agrees and says I won, and I really thought I was getting welched on.  He walked away.  5-10 minutes later he returns and hands me a wad of cash and I didn't think it was necessary to count.  I busted shortly thereafter but was happy with my free dime.  

I headed over to the WPT 25k final table to sweat my friends Eric Baldwin, Shawn Buchanan, and David Williams play for the title.  I'm closest with Eric and know that crowd the best so hung in that section, right next to Jonathan Little.  Perfect, I get a chance to win back the $500 I lost to him the last time we did this.  Instead, as David Williams won over Eric, the 13th flop that we'd seen, I was down $1k to Jonathan.  We played red and black at $1-2-3-5 (win, 3 of 3 on color, monotone, and straight flush) and key cards at 1-3-9 deuces vs. treys.  Kid runs so good.  Congrats to everybody for sick scores.  

Afterwards we had dinner in the Cafe, and then I headed home shortly after.  We all did.  We're getting old.  

Sunday was online, and I didn't cash in any, and then lost $1500 in cash games after the tournies.  I tilted and went to Laughlin to meet Jared and company and had a good ol time.  The following morning I didn't want to leave cause Laughlin is awesome and called the Caesars Palace to ask about their main event.  75 minute levels, can late reg for 3, 25k to start, 25-50, 50-100, 100-200.  Perfect.  500bb is dumb.  Stayed another day, had another good ol time, woke up at noon, drove to Vegas, and played day one.  Nothing went well all day other than not busting, then finally at the end I doubled QQ>AK and won a couple chips when A3dd got in for 6900, I called with QQ, and David Williams shoved for about 18k with 99.  I beat David but the ace trey flopped a wheel, and I ended the day with 42k.  

Day two tomorrow.  Gl me.  

Peace and good luck,

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