End of the Spring Season, I'm Going on Break.
May 4, 2022
Day two of the Caesars $5k started out like day one, badly.  I lost a bunch of my dough to Sam Stein in a dumb spot where he could never have it because there were only three possible combos of hands that he could have but he always will have it when he raises there... I grinded a 20-30k stack for a loooong time, until I finally caught a double up through Brett Richie when I shoved A3o on the button and sucked out on A9s.  Then I received a punt from Doug Lee.  Brett opens, Doug calls, button calls, and I'm in the big blind with 46k at 1k-2k.  I find two fives and think about jamming, but the open was only to 4600 so I decided to call instead. Flop T72 rainbow, checks around.  Turn a 5 and 2nd club, I bet 13,500,  Doug raises to 31k, I say all-in, he says call, and we turn over our cards.  He has A3dd.  The river is a two across, but I hit my 20% and make quads instead of him making the wheel.  Doug then goes on to tell me that he didn't see my red 10k chips and asked when I doubled up.  Last orbit dude.  And since u didn't see my 10k chips, of which I had three of comprising two thirds of my stack, thats when you decided to bluff me?  

I ran that 100k stack up to 180k without getting into anything too interesting, and then got shown aces three hands in a row pre-flop.  On the bubble I fluctuated between 140 and 180 for the first twenty minutes, and then on the last hand before break a solid player opens, Brock parker flats, and I call the button with two fives.  Flop T53hh.  Check, bet 15k, I raise to 41k, fold, Brock says all-in, I call, he covers and has two tens.  Sigh what a crappy way to end my spring season.  

I'm done with significant live tournaments for the next month, and I'm ready for a break.  I need to get my head straight and my life settled before the series rolls around, and I've got a bunch to do in the next month.  I also want to get some time in the woods, so I intend on do all those things.  Gonna hit the charity tournament circuit this week, one in LA on Cinco de Mayo, which according to JC Alvarado isn't even celebrated in Mexico and is an American creation.  Their independence day is in September.  Then on the 7th I hop on a plane for a weekend event in reno.  Then I'm going to head to the Sierras, climb Half Dome, and be back sometime after that. 
Peace and good luck,


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