Snap, Crackle, Devo, and Pop
May 7, 2022
That's the sounds that my knee made last night.  Leading off in the second game of a double header, I hit it hard back up the middle, watched the ball pass the pitcher, and then felt my knee dislocate laterally completely from the joint.  The upper leg went out and I could feel the knee slip knuckle by knuckle.  It was the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life.  I collapsed on home plate, felt the knee pop back in, and was screaming in pain for a bit.  I was carried off the field and put in the bleachers.  They called the paramedics which I thought was pretty unnecessary, but they called when I was on the ground and the umpire said he couldn't un-call them.  I mean I was fine, just in a ton of pain and needing a ride to somebody to look at it.  

The paramedics showed up and one of them was smoking hot.  A solid 9.6.  They looked at me checking vitals and stuff and splinted the knee, I said I don't want an ambulance ride.  "Do you have insurance?  Do you want morphine?"  Yes, and yes.  "Then yes you do."

Alright.  Fair enough.  I accept your offer, thank you uncle Golden Rule, the morphine was awesome.  It definitely made things easier getting into the hospital.  They got me off the gurney and into a wheelchair.  I couldn't do wheelies with one leg sticking out and an IV bag in my lap.  Probably a good thing.  I didn't spend much time there at all, pretty quick in and out with a prescription, referral for an orthopedist, an immobilizer, and some crutches.  The outlook is that I have something between a sprained knee and a blown meniscus and/or MCL.  It's pretty brutal but not as bad as I was afraid of.  I can't do anything with it mobility wise and any sort of contact and torsion on the knee hurts like hell, but just chilling here and typing is no problem.  I suppose the Lortabs help with that.  

Soooo, my plans for the next few weeks have certainty been altered.  Not going to LA as I can't drive and I made an appointment with a specialist Thursday morning.  I'll still probably be going to Reno.  Doubt I'll be able to climb Half Dome, but perhaps I'll be good to drive by then and maybe will just car camp it.  But maybe that won't be possible.  So, for today, I'm taking things slow and chilling out on the couch.  It doesn't hurt unless I give it reason to hurt.  I don't want Mr Nee to get any crazy ideas now.  

Sunday was a good day online, I beat em up in cash games and made a few bucks in tourneys.  I'll probably have a bit more time to play online soon too.

Peace and good luck,


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