A Week Knee
May 11, 2022
Tuesday I woke up wondering how the knee would feel, and when it was difficult to get even out of bed I wasn't too pleased about my chances of this just being a sprain.  I spent the entire day laying on the couch doing my best to stay out of pain, which was the good news:  when I didn't move it didn't hurt.  Unless I inspired my knee to remind me that it was still there, I was fine.  

Wednesday it was even more difficult to get out of bed.  Arg.  I had to get a few things done though so good ol Jimmy Fricke came over to run me around, picking up x-rays, going to the bank, buying dip, and finding food which ended up with us sitting at the bar at Sushi Wa, right next to Half Shell two on Eastern just north of Horizon Ridge.  I made it home at 5:30, in time to fire up the evening tournament session, and it ended well with me taking 3rd in the Ultimate Bet $80k Wednesday Sniper for $8300 and 4th in a 100r for $11.3k.  Got my ass kicked in cash games but obviously can't complain.

Thursday morning I woke up and got ready, which is a helluva process now if it includes bathing, and was picked up by Jimmy again to go see Dr. Baldoff, hoping to figure out what is actually wrong with my knee.  I was too tender for him to do any sort of thorough exam, but he thinks it was the patella that I dislocated (obv very good news, and omg I can't imagine how much dislocating a knee must hurt if that was just my patella).  He also thinks that I messed up my meniscus but isn't sure to what extent.  It's not my ACL which is the thing that most commonly needs surgery.  A patella rarely does, and a meniscus sometimes does.  I'm guessing I'm about 50-50 for surgery.  He wrote me up for 60 more lortabs, scheduled me for a follow up in a week, and said that I need an MRI "stat".  But "I have to get approval from your insurance company first."  Wow how much do these things cost?

Friday morning (aka noon) I woke up and scheduled my MRI appointment for Monday, even though they wanted to get me in immediately.  I'm headed to Reno this afternoon to play in the Jennifer Harman charity event for the National Kidney Foundation.  I've somehow found myself on a private jet (thanks Lisa Wheeler!) this afternoon in a couple of hours and have had to figure out how to do laundry and pack and eat in the meantime (thanks Jake, Adrienne, Jared!).  If you go and get food and you help me pack, then I will pay for said food and share my painkillers.  The bartering system is so much awesomer.  

Whelp, see ya later!

Peace and good luck,


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