Jen Harman Charity Event in Reno
May 15, 2022
Upon arrival at the private terminal at McCarran Jared helped me in and Marco Traniello and family showed up.  They were followed by Lee Watkinson and his rescued chimpanzee Joey, Jen Harman, Gavin Smith, and Rob they guy who played the guy's son in Sopranos and was in every episode, zero of which I had seen.

My high school guidance counselor never otld me about this shit.  

Gavin sat next to me and the gin started before takeoff and I wanted them to take a detour to Japan so I could play the kid longer.  Variance sucks though and he beat me for a couple hundred by the time we touched down in Reno.  There was a limo waiting for us which took us to the Peppermill, and there was a wheelchair there waiting for me.  Awesome.  

Got checked in, went to dinner, and then went to the night before party.  Paul Wasicka was there in crutches.  He sprained his ankle pretty bad playing volleyball this week.  Apparently he called Lisa to bail on her, and she said, "Devo blew his knee and he's still coming."  So he came :).  Sorry kid!  

Had a good time hanging with a bunch of good people, and five of us ended up being the last five in the joint obviously.  Got a good night's sleep, slept right through my alarm somehow, was supposed to be at the red carpet at noon and made it 40 minutes late.  Whoops.  Played the tournament, sat next to Trishelle who liked my style when I ordered, "A Bud Light, black coffee, shot of Jim Beam, and a water."  Beam into coffee, Bud Light for sippin, water for responsibility.  Busted after a few hours and proceeded to be the village idiot in a wheelchair.  Turns out that's a hell of a good time.  

The poker players and the snowboarders ended up taking up thee booth in the club there and it was a thoroughly entertaining night. 

I somehow overslept the following morning again, turns out my hotel clock said 8:32 at all times and I never figured that out til I left, barely caught the plane and got on back to Vegas.  I was pretty proud of waking up in a hotel room in Reno at 9:15am and arriving home in Vegas at 11am.  Took a nap, played Sundays online, sucked, chilled out.  

Got my MRI done Monday.  My knee was sore, I think from the activity over the weekend, and they gave me the films but I don't know anything yet, find that out on Thursday.  

I just wanna get better soon.

Peace and good luck,

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