Hooooray No Surgery!
May 19, 2022
That's what the doc said after reviewing my MRI's.  Thank you God.  Turns out I dislocated my patella and sprained/partially tore my MCL and should be good in two weeks.  I shouldn't wear the big brace anymore, and she writes me a prescription for a soft brace, which I can pick up upstairs.  I can walk on it.  "No, I can't."  Still can't.  Tried too.  Hurt like hell.  But should be good.  I hope.  Kinda disappointed that I won't get one of them handicapped placards for the WSOP.

We head upstairs to the prosthetic/brace department, he asks for my insurance card, and says that they don't accept United Healthcare or whatever my provider's name is.  Odd first time I've had a problem with them.  I say okay how much is it?  "The insurance price is $180, I could give it to you for $150.  Unless you wanted to pay cash then it would be like $120."  What... the...?  I sit down and call my insurance company, expecting to be told where to go that they have a contract with.  They tell me that "braces are not a part of my prescription drug plan."  You just paid for a MRI this week.  You almost had to pay for surgery.  The last thing I need is an overpriced knee brace that is still less than  $200 and you're not willing to pay for it?  I mean why piss off the customer on the nittiest of things at the last minute?  That's like getting sucked out on (my knee blowing) by a huge fish (me, the consumer) and then berating them so much that they quit you and you don't get a chance to get your money back.  

So, we went to Big 5, and paid $33 for basically the same knee brace.  I guess I can understand why they wouldn't be willing to pay for it, but I still wanted to quit em in the brace place.  

The rest of the day was a good time.  Our very own Eric Baldwin was going to throw out the first pitch for the Las Vegas 51's game, properly on $1 beer night.  About 30 of us showed up in the parking lot behind the right field corner with a coffin cooler and ice, many 30 packs of assorted light beer, Jose the beer bong, Cornhole boards, and two chairs.  We were there about 90 minutes before we had to walk in.  They bought so much beer that when we packed up the truck the coffin cooler was absolutely full of beer and ice, enough to take a dozen to the lake easy.  

Head in, longest hike on crutches ever, and they announce introducing so and so throwing out the first pitch, and I yell, "I KNOW HIM!!!"  Everybody laughs, I stand up, and the person throwing out the first pitch is 5'4" and hot.  Definitely not Basebaldy.  It's Miss Nevada.  "Next, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, is Card Player's poker player of the year..."  Wait.  The 2nd first pitch?  At least he hit the plate (and threw harder than any other first pitcher I've ever seen).  They were both opening acts for the real third first pitch thrower outer, the "unofficial world record holder for most first pitches thrown out," according to the announcer.  Three first pitches.  Sheesh.  

Anyways, the beer drinking and prop betting commenced immediately, Justin Young beat me senseless on odds and evens by inning.  Add up the 6 numbers in the box score each inning and it's gonna be odd or even.  I went double or nothing in the 9th though and got even.  He was sitting in row A and realized by the third inning that the cute kids and hot chicks were the ones that were given balls from people on the field in one way or another.  I gave him my crutches for a better chance, he failed miserably and Jason Newitt just got straight denied.  Bat boy with foul ball looks right at him, goes nah, and finds a pretty girl.  

That party ended up at Half Shell and I called it a night pretty early cause my knee was hurtin.  

Didn't do much on Friday, worked lazily in the evening, shot a little video that was interrupted by the current guy on the couch, and basically took it easy.  Saturday I'm headed to Rock n Roll Wine Festival thing at the M, which this year has been changed to Reggae and wine, but the foundation is still Rock n Roll... I'm not sure.  But I'm really unsure about how to blend a wine tasting party with a reggae show at an outdoor pool?  Like, what do I wear?  Do I dip my spliff in a nice port before the music?  Or maybe it's mostly wine snobs and reggae is a music that white people like to like cause it's like rap but not and makes them feel cultured?  Maybe they'll sing Boats n Hoes?   

Peace and good luck,



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