Reggae and Wine; Pre-WSOP R&R;
May 21, 2022
Saturday night I was the guy in the wheelchair that danced it to live reggae music.  I had a great time.  Apparently Rock and Roll Wine does several functions a year with the reggae one being one of them, and I definitely will be going to more.  

Sunday was another Sunday.  I won some money playing cash, I took 2nd in the Ultimate Bet $1r Pro Bounty for like $500, beating out Eric Baldwin in a $100 last longer who took 5th.  Feels pretty good to take 2nd and 3rd in back to back tries in a field with over a thousand runners, even if it's only a $1r.  Tournaments were a disappointment but I played well and that's all you can really do.  

All day Sunday I was feeling super super ancy, just needing to get out of Dodge for a little bit before the WSOP starts up May 29th.  I was supposed to do that last week but blowing a knee didn't help that.  I finally decided Sunday that I would be going to Sedona, by myself, and leaving either Monday or Tuesday depending on how I feel.  I woke up Monday morning and started doing laundry, putting some things away, and that felt really good to be able to move around enough to do that.  I was gonna hit the road in the evening until I found something to do for the evening which turned into dinner, Iron Man 2, and a trip to Boulder City to play shuffleboard at the Backstop.

Coming out of the movie I ran into my friend Chris Tryba.  Said I'm going to Sedona tomorrow, wanna go?  He accepted, and the next afternoon we hit the road.

We made it to Sedona around 8:30pm, had dinner at a Mexican place, drove through town looking for the awesome bar next to the hotel combo, and the first bar we walked into gave me the most negative reception I've ever had walking into one.  Peace, down the street to the Olde Sedona, and we found it.  Holed up in a dive motel called The White House, went to the bar, and it was perfect.  Ten people singing karaoke.  I stayed there until they kicked us out at 2:30am, caught a cab back, and made it in bed in time to hear the garbage man pull into the parking lot at 4am.  He spent two hours on our block I swear.  Then construction started outside the other window at 6am.  Ugh.  So much for a nice quiet hotel room.

So, since Sedona is an overcommercialized tourist trap in town, which I really really don't like and was disappointed to find, we hit the road back north.  Beautiful area, but someplace that really needs to experienced in the woods and hiking, not in town.  I'll comeback someday on the motorcycle.  I could spend a month around here just camping my around.  

Headed up to the North Rim of The Ditch today, gonna rent a cabin that is apparently pretty dang close to the edge.  Hang out there for 4 days, 3 nights, come back Saturday or so.  

Peace and good luck,


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