Grand Canyon and Zion
May 29, 2022
Same pic story, if u can't see em here.

After Indians, Lake Powell, and Kanab we found ourselves headed south toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We knew that they were sold out, got a speeding ticket on the way, and still paid the $25 to get in even though we weren't getting it back ever.  Straight to the campground, ask about availability, "Hey, you know what?  Somebody just canceled.  You are the first to ask."  We had a campsite.  And if we didn't get pulled over then we probably don't get it either.  Awesome.  Drive down to the lodge to see the rim and get some food and we weren't disappointed.  

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There's cabins on the rim, but apparently you have to book them a year in advance, but we met a couple that got one right on the edge front row primo spot three days ago.  The dining room is reservation only and you have to do that in advance, but while we were sitting enjoying that view a waitress came up to us and asked if we needed anything, perhaps another beer.  Heck yes.  Chris asks if they're serving food, and yes they are, full menu.  I ate amazing salmon on a table outside watching wind blow down the Grand Canyon, and it was my chair that should have had reservations on it.   

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Hung out there a bit, the lodge has been there since around 1927 and was just an experience in awesomeness.  Back to the campground with a stop at the store, and spend an awesome night sitting around the campfire.  At one point the fire popped spitting coals toward my legs, I reflex jerked em backed and popped my knee again.  Ouch it hurt.  FML etc.  Sure enjoyed sleeping outside.  

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Woke up the next day and slowly meandered our way back to Vegas by way of Zion.  It sure was beautiful there but man I was sad that I couldn't go hiking.

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When I moved into my brother's house last month I was under the assumption that it was going to be just him and I by June 1st.  I was wrong.  So I wanted to get out and settled before the series.  Woke up this morning and set out apartment searching.  Took me four total hours to leave the house, drive to black mountain, to the M, back, sign paperwork, go to the bank to get a cashier's check, sign more paperwork, and hire a moving company.  I felt productive.  

Move tomorrow, need to get mustang smogged and go to DMV to renew registrations and driver's license by Saturday when everything starts.  Hopefully I'll get all settled and be ready to go but it's gonna be a busy week.

Peace and good luck,



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