2008 WSOP Days 28-30: $1500 S8, $2k NLHE
June 28, 2021

I haven't been this focused and driven in a long time. I have done a better job of preparing myself and maintaining this series and year than ever before, however my results at the series have not followed suit unfortunately. I had the chip lead at one point in both the last two tournaments I played, and then got whamboozled in both of them, missing the money in the Stud 8 and min+1 cashing the $2k NLHE.

I made a vow after two hours of the Stud8ament that I will never miss another Stud 8 tournament at the Series. ZOMG there was so much value in that thing. I watched people limp nines almost a dozen times. One guy limped a nine last to act before the bring-in, caught a T on 4th and folded for the obring-in's bet. WTF?!? Anyways, I couldn't make out of the seventh level, and I went to register for Friday's $2k.

Ten hours later I was back in the Brasilia room with the best table draw of any NLHE event I've had in a long time. After the 2nd level they started breaking tables in the Brasilia room and this made me sad since my table was really soft. Fortunately they weren't breaking tables, but unfortunately they were moving them. This is what happened when they moved my table:

Two floormen came to the table, said that we're being moved to Blue 28. He instructed us to put our chips in bags that were "labeled so they wouldn't be mixed up" and to not seal them. Then give them to the dealer, who was instructed to take everything (bags, cards, button in position, sign in sheet) to Blue 28. Every other player threw their chips in bags, threw them to the dealer, and left. Some got pizza, some used the restroom. I decided that this was shady and there was not way that I was letting my eyes off my chips. So, the dealers arms are so full that I offer to carry his ass cushions, and I shadow the dealer. No security, no floor, no nothing. Just the dealer in charge of everything with no accountability whatsoever. Hell, chips weren't even counted and verified and these bags were open. Mine was labeled with a black sharpie "B28-1". The other nine bags had the seat number written on the bag with a ball point pen in a very small 1" number on the clear plastic part of the bag and was very difficult to see. Near the exit of the Brasilia room, the dealer DROPPED two of the bags and didn't notice until I said, "Uhh, dealer?" He turned around and saw me standing there holding the two bags with arms stretched out like the dog in Duck Hunt with two fresh mallards, except I didn't have a cheesy grin on. He says, thanks, shrugs his shoulders like no big deal, and continues on his route. Into the hallway, to the foyer, left, to the next main walkway through the amazon and right, and eventually to blue 28. Basically the maximum traffic route with spectators everywhere. So, we have a miscellaneous dealer walking with 60-70k in tournament chips (which cost fifty cents on the dollar btw...) through the most highly trafficked walkways at the WSOP without security escort or any other accountability. Not right IMO. When we finally got there, the dealer passed out the bags wrong due to the poor labeling and two stacks were almost switched. Lastly, we lost six minutes off the tournament clock. That ain't right either imo.

Anyways, I continued to run over the table once we resumed play. Unfortunately for me I am really bad at losing the key flips and that led to my eventual demise. At 200-400/50 with 22k I lost a 15k pot on a flip where my opp called it off in a spot where he's flipping at best and eventually dwindle to 4450. No problem though, I run it back up to 73k by the end of level 8 without getting lucky ever, get moved tables, and levels 9 and 10 end up sucking badly. I'm known for abusing the bubble, and as usual I poured 108 octane on the campfire, but this time I lost my eyebrows. I drop back to 24k at the end of level 10, end of the night, but since we're like 6 off the money they decide to continue playing. Poker Radio

I come back and start level 11, 800-1600/200. I have 24k and the world's laggiest maniacal image ever. Good news though, I pick up AA first hand, kid opens, I shove, he makes the KJo hero call and I double. Next hand I raise TT, guy to my left re-raises, I ship, he folds. Next hand I raise, get called, flop rags, I bet, he folds, and I show TT. Next hand I fold. Next hand I raise, everybody folds. Next hand i raise, different guy re-raises, I ship it again, he tanks long enough that I call the clock on him, and he folds. I had TT again. Now I have like 80k, look at 99, open, get re-raised by the same guy, LOL and ship it on him again, and he calls with AK after about a minute. 130k flip, board runs out 478, T, K. Sigh. We cracked the bubble two hands later and I went to day two with 17,600 and severely disappointed that I didn't have 150k.

Day 2 was much the same. I shipped it and they folded, then i got it in AQ v AT and doubled, next hand guy to my right opens and I re-raise 99 he folds, then about five hands later a dude opens late with 15 BB's, I ship 66 on him and he has JJ and holds. Back to 15 BB's, blind down to 12 or so, open ship 55 late and run into JJ again, gg me 161st place for $xxxx. I didn't pick up my money cause the line was too long with all the other shorties busting out at the same time. Sigh.

Anyways, I've been playing very well, going deep very consistently, but haven't been getting the results. This is in no way a complaint since I could lose every single tournament for the rest of the year and still have had a career year, but June is a very frustrating month to run bad in since there is more value in these tournaments than any others in the entire year.

Still though, I'm feeling very confident and very driven. We're 2-17 so far with 4 to go... $1500 HORSE tomorrow, $1500 NLHE Monday, $1500 LHE Shootout Tue, and then the main donkament.

Aight... I'm going somewhere outside now.

Peace and good luck,


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