2010 WSOP Days 1-4
June 6, 2021
Man the big field NLHE events are so much fun.  It's poker like the good ol days again with punts flying left and right.  I know the game is awesome when the dealer is consistently saying "five players" before the flop.  I chipped up all day from my initial 3k starting stack to 20k, and then I fired off a punt of my own.  The 3rd best player at the table was on my left, and it folded to our blinds and I limped 64o.  He checked, flop 6c3c3d, I bet 350 into 850, he makes it 1050, I call.  Turn 5s, I check, he bets 2700, I shove thinking he has 12k total, he snaps, has 14k, and a full house.  Oops.  3k now.

Shove once.  99>77, 9500.  AA>TT, 20k.  EZ game.  

At the end of the day I ran KQ into KK, finished the day off with 13,300 going into 500-1k/100.  People were busting so fast that we eliminated almost 90% of the field in ten hours of play, good for a pace of about four bustos per minute.  It was really close whether or not they would make the money on day 1b causing a fiasco, I was hoping they did because I thought it would be fun to watch like running with the bulls.  

We returned on Monday with 481 players, 441 made the money, and it took us about 40 minutes of play to do that... sick averages holding.  I busted a guy in like 460th place JJ>TT to hit my high point of 27k, but it just went nowhere from there.  I'm thrilled with how I played and what I did with the opportunities given to me and am stoked to start out 1 for 1.  

Ended up at Fashion Show mall afterwards to do some art shopping, bought three pieces and had em delivered and hung today.  Very cool store called Painted with Oil, and they have like a stable of unknown artists that do original oils and sell em to the store who sells them to the public.  I love the pieces I picked up and the price was way cheap for good stuff, with the service being absolutely excellent.  Ernie sold us art, then came over to hang it, then helped consult on where to hang other stuff and what to do with other space.  He will have my business again shortly.

$2500 Deuce today.  If I bust then I co-host pokerroad radio with guest Mike Swick (UFC fighter) in the morning and play the nooner NLHE, if I don't then I play day two.  

Peace and good luck,


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