2010 WSOP Days 5-7
June 10, 2021
he deuce event went well enough that I returned for day two, but bad enough that I was short.  I didn't win a hand on day two, my 2367 draw losing to DeathDonkey who drew two, drew one, and ended up making a T9764 to get me mostly bust.  I was done in plenty of time to go do something outside.  I ended up heading out to the lake, watching the sunset, taking the long way back through Lake Las Vegas, ending up in the foothills watching the city sparkle, and making it home in plenty of time to get rest.  

Day 6 was the start of the $1500 pot-limit hold'em event.  I didn't last long.  I got into some rules debate, in one hand, the first one for a new dealer at a talkative, young, and friendly table.  Somebody dropped a f-bomb, somebody else talked about roosters, and she sternly told us to watch our language.  I said why, the rule is that you can't abuse other players or dealers verbally, but it's an adult game and conversational cussing was okay as far ask I knew.  In the same hand I re-raised the player to my right to 1200, and my remaining stack was piled neatly into two purple chips, a few black chips, and some green chips.  The player asked for a count of my stack.  I said nothing, but showed him.  She then reached into my stack to count it, I told her not to touch my chips and call a floor.  He ruled that the player was allowed to have the dealer count my stack.  I asked for a second opinion, because I lost a $100 prop bet on this exact situation a couple of years ago with a ruling coming from very high up that a player was not required to count his stack only have it stacked clearly.  The second opinion ruled against me again, I asked when it was changed and he said it has always been that way.  Hmm.  I asked him about conversational cussing, and he said that it can only be an occasional thing not a habitual thing.  If the dealer things that people are cussing too much the floor person can give a penalty.  Nice grey area rules, but better than the auto penalty for an inadvertent F-bomb. 

I busted early enough to play the nightlies online, didn't do anything in tourneys but won a dime playing cash and played four $50+4 SNG's and won three taking 2nd in the other.  

Day 7 was a $1500 NLHE, I sat to Tony "Bond18" Dunst's right and we had a good time as people often do around him.  I heard the best story of degeneracy yet this WSOP involving drunken mutual friends, one of whom while they were all at Stony's hooked up with a chick in her truck in the parking lot of the country bar.  Her friend opened the truck, setting off the car alarm, and our hero panicked.  Hastily exiting the truck he dropped his wallet.  Fortunately for him this would not end up looking like a scene from <em>Sideways</em>, and fortunately for us he would end up texting the wrong person about his wallet.  He texted our buddy who was there that night too inquiring about the wallet and alluding to good times had in trucks, our buddy told him wrong text but the hero ignored the warnings, set on seconds and a missing wallet.  24 hours and many embarrassing texts later, our hero finally inquires, "3 questions.  Do you have a truck?  Did we [hook up] in it last night?  Do you have my wallet?"  Our buddy then says dude this is [me], and a lovely "Oh my God" response made me want to be in the same room as him right then.  

I busted soon, lost a last longer vs. Tony and as penalty my crippled ass had to get him a grande latte and fresh fruit from Starbucks.  Went home, made two hours of video for Poker VT finishing up my Sunday Million run a few weeks ago, and then went to see live Reggae at the Green Valley Ranch pool, a pretty sweet bar called the Pond.  

Peace and good luck,


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