2010 WSOP Days 8-11
June 12, 2021
After a nice Saturday evening of Reggae and tropical concoctions I got geared up to play a short schedule on Sunday, playing from the 11am's to the 750k at 3pm.  I made a deep run in the Ultimate Bet $500 100k guaranteed, taking 14th unfortunately, and running poorly in the rest.  I build a bunch of big stacks and then everything fell apart and I lost every key hand that I needed to win.

Monday I showed up at the Rio for another $1500 NLHE event.  I didn't win.  Or cash.  Or make day two.  Shrug.  

Tuesday I had an off day.  I thought I was going to play the $5k but it's been "traditionally disastrous" for my backers so I wasn't put in.  Turns out I didn't mind much since I busted in time the night before to make it to Chris Tryba's BBQ/Pool Party.  Ryon Nicholson and I ended up jamming for quite a while until we ran the place out of beer, then headed back to my place and stayed up chatting til 6am.  He enjoyed the new cover on the Ron Jeremy futon even though I don't think he knew it.  I spent most of the day relaxing, playing about 10 hours of cash on Ultimate Bet (winning somewhere between a nickel and a dime, at one point flopping back to back sets and stacking players both times) and doing a bunch of MTGO drafts.  I think I finally figured out Eldrazi and it's a much deeper draft format than any of the others I've done, Zendikar, M10, and Shards.  Of course I was a noob during Shards so who knows.  

Hoping that the boomswitch got flipped back on after this week hiccup of run bad.  I've been on a three month heater and felt great cashing in my first event, but am definitely scared of another June of run-bad.  Of all the months don't stop now please boomswitch manager!

Peace and good luck,

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