2010 WSOP Days 12-14
June 15, 2021
Apparently the boomswitch manager is out of the office until July fifth.  I mean, if that's the case I certainly won't mind, but in the meantime I'm missing his absence.  I think about my game pretty critically and objectively and am honestly playing some of the best poker in my life while running the worst.  

The event before this limit hold'em event was the $1500 stud event.  I seriously played the best stud of my life, coming up with shit I didn't even know was in the toolbox, and every time I didn't have it they folded.  It got to the point where my friend Bob was telling me that he knew that I didn't have it but he didn't have it either and folded.  The problem with my game plan was that they built a natural distrust toward me and my completions and decided to play back at me every time I had it and got there every time.  I had over ten big pairs, wired or split, and won with one of them when Bob found a fold on fifth to my Ad6c7c(AcKc).  I never had it.  Which is what they thought.  But I always had it when money went in cause I had an amazing rush of 3rd street hands.  The problem was that I couldn't make better than one pair, and when I did they made better than two pair, and the biggest pot I played I made the biggest hand of the day and ran it into a boat.  Frustrating ass game.  

The day before that was the $1500 limit hold'em.  Same thing.  

I let a bit of that loose Friday night for Katie Lindsay's birthday extravaganza.  Chick throws a helluva party, I mean who gets a band to play for their birthday at Wasted Space in Las Vegas?  Effin aay.  I had a great time and need to see about getting my car from the Hard Rock now.  

Peace and good luck,

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