2010 WSOP Days 15-17
June 18, 2021
At Katie's birthday party Trishelle asked me if I have a church that I go to around here.  Well, I have the one I went to with Gavin once that I've been wanting to go to for a while.  I also have South Hills that I went to a bit in 06 and early 07.  And I need a good kick in the ass to get me goin', you wanna go?  

First Gavin Smith gets me back into the church.  Then Trishelle Canatella.  

In the two open seats next to us sat Matt Savage and his wife Maryann.  Of all the chairs in Vegas.  Maryann said something about the Lord working in mysterious ways.  

This church The Crossing on Buffalo and Windmill is really sweet, and apparently super accepting of poker players.  Makes me happy, and makes me happy to see a community of Christian poker players growing around me.  

Saturday I played the $1k lottery, got it in with AK v QQ shortly into the 3rd level and lost.  Bummer.  Tony Dunst invited me over to his place for some grillin and chillin before going to reggae at the Green Valley Ranch pool.  I accepted and walked into the middle of Chewy's High Stakes Living episode.  Lets just say that a good time is had at a pretty sweet house by a bunch of good guys.  We took the convertible and drove topless through thunderstorms to the GVR and spent the next few hours chilling by the pool and listening to reggae.  Closed out the night at Half Shell and I was home by 12:30. 

Sunday morning woke up early, picked up Trish, went to church, went home, played the Ultimate Bet $200k online, and then went to the Palazzo to watch game 5 Lakers v. Celtics.  That eventually lead to me tweeting something about drinking Maria Ho's boyfriend's contact lens out of a shot glass 1/4 full of contact lens solution for $100.  Easy money imo, I once swallowed a live goldfish for free.  

Monday began the $1500 Stud8 event, always one of my favorites.  The first time I played it I swore that I would never miss another one.  I ended the day with just under 10k and nothing came easily.  I played one sick huge hand v. Mike Leah where on 7th street after I bet, he raise, I tanked for like 45 seconds, which is a REALLY long time in a limit game, then re-raised, and he called.  My hand was (A3)662A(4).  That's aces up and the 2nd nut low.  Mike rolled AA55624.  That's aces up and the 3rd nut low.  Fourteen cards split into two piles, all six or lower, no straights, no flushes, no trips.   I've never seen a hand like it.  

Peace and good luck,


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