2010 WSOP Days 18-21
June 23, 2021
My excitement for the stud8 event didn't last long into day two.  I built some momentum and chipped up to 14k and then got three hands shoved up my ass and that was all she wrote.  

Never fear though, I have 5% of Chris Tryba and he has a pile in the event, and the $1500 HORSE starts the next day.  Christ made it to the final table.  I barely made it past the dinner break.  He busted 7th, not quite enough to lock up a freeroll but a decent score nonetheless.  Good run kid.  

Thursday I had off, and spent it on a motorcycle ride up Mt. Charleston.  It felt reaaaallly good to ride after being off it for 6 weeks with this knee.  I went on two short hikes to the Desert Overlook and Robber's Roost, and eventually ended up at that lodge in uptown drinking a delicious cold beer on the patio.  Back down the hill, headed over to Tryba's place to watch the Lakers game, and my "yup"s after made Kobe free throws didn't make the Boston contingent too happy.  GG boys.  

I'm taking today off too, just catching up on some things around the house and what not.  Played a couple of hours online at Ultimate Bet already, four digit swings with your cup of black coffee is fun.  Going to see The Wailers at the Hard Rock pool tonight, always stoked to see them.  

Peace and good luck,


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