2010 WSOP Days 26-28
June 30, 2021
Sigh FML etc.  It's that week where it's official that you're not doing well if you're not doing well and almost everybody isn't doing well.  Seriously very few people I know have done anything, myself included, and this is the week where people have had enough.  All sorts of tempers everywhere and I can't really blame anybody.  The Series has always been that one month a year where new opportunities for six digit scores and massive media attention happen every day.  To do well outside of June pales in comparison, both in dollars and exposure.  Regardless of how well you've done before June, if you've sucked this month, you feel miserable this week.  

I fell as good as I possibly can though, I feel great with how I've played and have honestly just run horrendously.  Fields are tougher and therefore people aren't punting as often, therefore you're aren't going to get it in as good as often, and thus your fluctuation increases.  

Speaking of people getting better, the round two shootout table I drew contained one face I had ever seen before in my life, Justin Scott.  It was the toughest table that I have played at this year, live or online.  They shat all over me.  It felt like a good ol Sunday, praying that they three bet your KQo so you can 4-bet shove for value.  I did, got called by jacks, and lost that flip.  Wednesday I lost 3 hands in a row to bust, one 60/40, one flip, and one 1-3.  Thursday I got AK and lost to tens.  Friday I got tens and lost to AJ.  Now I'm going to go to a BBQ and forget about it all, get some rest, and get back at it tomorrow at 5pm.  

Peace and good luck,



3 months ago
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