2010 WSOP Days 29-32
July 4, 2021
The BBQ that I went to intent on forgetting how bad I ran turned into an early escape so I didn't end up passing out in their backyard or ride my motorcycle drunk.  I finally got some cash to stick to me and wanted to play some cash games.  Headed up to the Rio, played 10-25 nl, and promptly dusted off a buyin when my T8dd flopped the 4th nut flush and ran into the nuts.  Sigh.  Went to Half Shell, and the night ended with my brother and I taking shots at his bar while the sun was up.  My motorcycle is still there 5 days later.  

That night I played the $2500 8-game, I ran hideously once again, and busted before the end of the day.  

Sunday I played online and lost every single flip.  Every one.  Never done that before.  

Monday was a $1500.  I didn't win a hand.  Zero.  

Tuesday was the $3k triple chance.  My table draw was sick, and when we busted the players I didn't know they were replaced with those that I did.  I dusted off the 1st bullet QQ<KK, bought both bullets, got down to 4k and up to 7500 when I got AK and ran it into the same dude's kings again.  Busto.  Sigh.  

Three events left then the main event, I would really like to make a momentum gaining run this week, or maybe I'm just saving up all my run good for the main.  

Peace and good luck,


3 months ago
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