2010 WSOP Days 33-35: The End Before the Main
July 6, 2021
when at 50-100 this dude limped, bringing along a couple other limpers, and I found aces in the big blind.  Make it 600, he makes it 3150 with 3300 behind.  Nice raise size.  I shove he calls and loses with jacks.  

Level three, this all being in the $2500 NLHE Friday night, last chance bracelet event before the Main.  I get kings, and the guy who's already 3-bet the button with seven trey off opens on my blind.  I 3 bet, he 4 bets to 3k, we're 10k deep, I shove, run into aces, flop a king, and lose on the turn.  Sigh.  I missed a 20 outer on my last card to bust.  KJ<22 aipf Q66, T.  Thanks for that turn dealer.  

It's all okay though.  Last week people were pissed.  This week people were silly.  You could sense it everywhere.  The tweets this week were amazing.  So I didn't care.  I knew it would all be over soon, and that I was playing my best and that there was nothing I could do and being bitter about it certainly wasn't going to help anything.  Parties and the fourth were coming up and I'm not playing the main event until Wednesday.  

Life's still good.  Gonna be a fun weekend.

Peace and good luck,


3 months ago
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