2008 WSOP Days 31-34; 1500 Lotto, HORSE, and Shootout
July 2, 2021

I begrudgingly peeled myself out of bed this morning at 9:20 am intending on heading to the airport and getting back up into the air. I came really really close to canceling as I was just plain exhausted. I've pushed myself really hard in the past couple of weeks, and sadly the results have not followed suit even though I've come really close multiple times. Yesterday was the last event before the main and I'm looking forward to the next few days off before my day one on Saturday.

Turns out I'm behind enough on my book work that flying today would have yielded zero progress in my lessons, so I was sent home to hit the books. I'm doing really well at that right now.

So I had spent the entire series not going out, not spending time down at the Rio and/or the strip, and basically being really focused. I have felt pretty bad that I have not been able to spend any time with anybody in town really. I feel like I have hurt some feelings along the way, and I am sorry for that. Poker is such a brutal profession in that sense because after 34 days I'm sitting here wishing that I had spent more time out with people after the disappointing series that I had. I can't think of another profession where you can work so hard and so well for so long and lose five digits doing it. If you are somebody that needs consistent positive reinforcement, which in my experience is most people with a pulse, then tournament poker as a profession can be cruel.

It sure is sweet driving across the desert with a plastic bag from the gift shop full of cash though :).

Anyways, I am glad that I've been focused, and I can see it in my play. I think I was the on the board chip leader in nine of the 20 events that I played, give or take one. I made six day twos, yet only cashed twice. I did not win a key race at all in any of the unlimited hold them events, and generally ran poorly when deep. Poker Radio

But that's the point really. My friend Marco ended up heads up in the $2k NLHE on Sunday with the chip lead, found a pair of aces, got it in vs. ATo, and long story short took 2nd place. That one hand will haunt him for the rest of his life, while five years from now anything I remember about the 2008 WSOP won't have anything to do with cards (unless I take 2nd in the main as planned). I have definitely gotten way better at the zen and peaceful thing since moving to playing tournaments exclusively, but it is still a challenge.

For the record, I'm not complaining. I could bust every tournament for the rest of the year and still have had a great year... losing just sucks that's all :). The price of ridic big scores is that you have lots of small losing days.

Anyways... so last night I found myself lying on a bed with Amit, Roothlus, and Melissa Castello. She interviewed us about something silly, I remember vaguely making some sort of ass of myself, but mostly I was laughing at myself at the absurity of my life sometimes. We were at some skybox suite at the new Palms tower for the UB party. It was one of those on the east side with the balconies and the jacuzzi that hangs 35 stories over the parking lot. Last year I could remember hanging out at the ghost bar and adding hanging out at one of those suites to my list of things to do in life. All this while the bed rotated clockwise at about 3 rpm.

[x] Hang out at 20k/night suite.

Yah, so I set the line at 10k for the Tuesday night cost, and I was off by 10k. I lost $100 to Amit on that one. This suite was ridiculous, and by the time Melissa and the PokerNews cameraman walked into the room, half a dozen of us had been just plain chilling on that bed for at least 45 minutes. It was pretty nifty really.

Before that we had gone to the pocketfives party where we stayed for one beer, and before that we were at the Full Tilt party / World Series of BBQ. This was at the pool at the Golden Nugget and I was thoroughly impressed with the renovation they did there. I can remember playing 10-20 limit hold'em on that piece of real estate when it was a big tent pavilion next to a crappy ass pool and the online poker room was in the tent. I didn't know many people well there, and by the time I found somebody that I wanted to hang with, we were on our way to the p5's party. We did stay long enough to witness Jeff Madsen battle Phil Ivey's cousin, and it was perhaps the sickest thing I've seen all summer. I felt like I was in the movie 8 Mile. It was awesome.

So, off today, tomorrow, lake Friday, play Saturday, end day 1 with 100k in chips, go on to being robusto in November.

Peace and good luck,


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