Fourth of July Weekend
July 10, 2021
Friday night I played in and busted the $2500.  I don't really remember what happened and don't really care, I'm just glad that June is over.  Such a disappointing month.  

Saturday I woke up, cleaned the apartment a bit since my maid that I overpaid $70 since I only had $100 bills two weeks ago didn't show up as scheduled.  Did some laundry, did some relaxing, and after three loads I got out of the house.  First stop at Men's Warehouse to buy a pocket silk and a belt, I forgot about the belt by the time I got there.  Then I headed over to the Rio to hang in the Ultimate Bet suite.  My boss-ish Jo is a fellow wino, and I have had a magnum bottle of good stuff from Summerland winery.  Pinot Noir is my favorite wine and they hold the title of best bottle I've had to date, bottles from the Odyssey Thurlestone vineyard are just amazing.  

So I started my evening of drinking around 4pm.  We all enjoyed the bottle and I left after a few hours to head home and get ready for the Doyle's Room party that evening.  I ran into Tony Dunst on the way out and he joined me.  Picked up my date Stephanie at Green Valley Ranch, she went from sun dress and reggae and wine to a fancy going out dress and looked great.  We then went and picked up Meredith who's one of the UB model chicks with a super level head on her shoulders and a fancy for fine beer.  Off to the party at Blush, we drank the place dry and were one of the last people there.  Went to Half Shell after and were invited to go on a houseboat for the 4th.  We accept.  

Woke up the next morning, put on my summer uniform (boardshorts, white shirt, straw hat), and we made a market run before meeting our pick-up at Callville Bay.  It's crazy how much the lake is dropping, Las Vegas Valley is drinking the thing dry and it's certainly not sustainable.  The lake's surface has dropped a hundred feet in the last ten years.  Hop on the boat, cold beer in hand, and life is good.  

I did some wakeboard towing and it might have been a mistake because it reminded me of how much I like boating and how awesome it was owning a boat, even if it was a Piece of Ship.  I'm pretty set on buying a house in the fall though and need to take care of taxes first though so buying a boat would be a pretty bad idea.  I've done dumber things though.  

Slept in the tent, woke up when it was too hot to sleep anymore, eight am.  Eight am sucks when at three am you were sitting on the swim step of a boat with your feet dangling in the water, no thank you I would not like another beer bong.  Yes I will help you have one.  Hand me a beer too.  Once it hits your lips it's soo good.  

Mac fired up some awesome breakfast burritos with Jimmy Dean sausage, and between two of those, a big glass of orange juice, and a nice banana, I was feeling great.  Their black lab named Cowboy found himself a nice spot on the couch and was napping.  I was inspired.  Caught a nap next to him til noon, felt way better, and chilled on the top deck for a bit reading more of The Fountainhead.  I'm not even halfway done with that monster yet.  Finally headed back to dock, went and had some Gyros, and headed home.  

Chilled out and ended up watching a movie called 180 Degrees South, a documentary about one man's quest to follow in the footsteps of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkin's journey by van to Patagonia down the Pan American highway.  Jeff Johnson always wanted to take a similar journey, and received an opportunity to do so as a crew member of a sailboat.  The story is about both adventures and was a super enjoyable movie.  

Got geared up for the UB party at the Mandarin Bar on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental.  I was feeling purple and picked up Steph at 7:30.  Per Jimmy Fricke's recommendation we ate at RM Seafood in Mandalay Place and it was absolutely fantastic.  Made it to the Mandarin at 9:30 after a stop at CVS to buy some bra strap holder together chingadero so they wouldn't stick out of the dress.  I'm so glad I'm a dude.  Up to the bar and we were greeted with blue margaritas and a panoramic view of the strip.  It was magnificent.  I was once again one of the last people in the back of the joint, and we caught a cab home.  

This morning I realized I had acheived the goal of having all my vehicles not home.  I was down to a dirt bike.  My Honda-Davidson has been parked at Half Shell for nine days now.  Court Harrington drove away in my truck a while ago thinking the green 6 on the license plate meant that the registration had expired in 2006.  Dumb hick.  And now the car's at the Mandarin.  Awesome.  Breakfast at the Old Pancake House in GVR, I ate one half of a kid's menu french toast, but drank every drop of three cups of coffee, one large orange juice, and one tall glass of water.  Retreived the car, headed over to Wet Republic to say hi to Christina Lindley and crew which included a bunch of good guys.  Hung out there for a bit, took off shortly after five, played some guitar hero, ate dinner, and bought a bag of rice to put my droid in.  On Saturday night I set my phone in a margarita and it's been good game droid ever since.  After returning to technology I saw some of my tweeps had recommended the bag of rice so I invested eighty-five cents at the Fresh and Easy.  

Came home and decided on movie time, Netflix streaming through the xBox is awesome.  First one I watched was a documentary called Surfwise about Doc Paskowitz, his family of 9, and their twenty year long Odyssey chasing surf in a 24 foot camper.  Neat story.  Then a childhood favorite, Iron Eagle, and now this blog.  

It's been a good weekend and I feel really good.  I'm stoked to play the main event and really would like to make a deep run.  Been a long time since I was this excited for a donkament.  

Peace and good luck,


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