2010 WSOP: The End
July 19, 2021

I chose the worst month possible to run terribly. I mean there wasn't anything I could do. I made one straight or better, flopped it, and it ran out a four flush. I still won the pot but missed a big street of value. I made zero sets, trips, flushes or better. I never had aces. Had kings once, flop came ace high, I got value on the turn and river. Had them later at 150-300/25, a spaz opened early to 1500 with 20k to start the hand. I 3b to 4k, he shoves, I snap and double up his aces. Three in a row now when I've been aipf with kings I've run into aces.

I was thrilled with how I played. I won small pots easily and chipped up well, increasing my stack every level except for the kings into aces one and the first half of day 2 when I was short and didn't win the few hands I played. Finally busted losing a flip with AQss on a K9ssX flop, Jh turn. Too many outs.

I'm sad this series is over. Last year I had a ton of deep runs that all ended poorly and I couldn't wait to get out of Dodge.  This year I just wanted to keep playing poker.  I also played a bunch of smaller event this year making the sting a bit less.  I went two for 23 losing about $47k.  My best finish was a 100th place in the $1500 shootout.  I also feel much better about my play this year.  I love where my game is at right now and am playing very confidently, but running way on the wrong side of variance.  I understand.  It happens.  I'll happen again.  It just sucks.  There's nothing you can do about it except cope as good as possible and keep playing well so variance valley isn't deeper than it needs to be.

Final exams are over for me though, and summer break is about to start.  I'm headed to Colorado to work on a ranch for free, a sort of apprenticeship I guess.

Peace and good luck,



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