Playing Cowboy Days 1-2: Monument Valley and Mesa Verde
July 19, 2021

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I finally got out of my apartment shortly after noon on Thursday.  Google maps said that I was 7.5hrs from Monument Valley, and my goal was to get there by sunset.  I headed north on the 15 through the Virgin River Gorge and St. George, turning East toward Zion.  I bypassed the park, drove through Kanab again, past Lake Powell, and east on US 160.  Really cool highway, especially after Monument Valley.

We did it :).  Enjoyed that sittin spot, woke up with the sunrise, drove through the Valley, and then got back on 163 north headed for Four Corners.

Four Corners was disappointing.  At least the lady didn't make me pay the $3.

From there I headed into Colorado intending on checking out the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings.  Too many people out there, but definitely some very cool things to check out.

From there it was drive East across Colorado.  Things were new to me in this area and Pagosa Springs was super cool.  Driving though this valley I saw the best example of my dream house ever, a simple house on a hill in a valley surrounded by mountains with a river flowing by and a lake on property.  I'm definitely taking a specific trip to this neck of the woods sometime soon.

I crossed over into the San Luis Valley, up the Western slope of the Sangres, along the Arkansas river getting into country I know, and then South into Westcliffe and the Wet Valley.  I love it here and am very stoked for the next month of life.

Peace and good luck,



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