Playing Cowboy Days 21-23: Fly Fisher Man
August 10, 2021
Wednesday morning we woke up, did round-up, and saddled horses for the two rides going out that morning, both couples, one on a 2hr and another on a ranch day ride.  Rick and I were the first two up, we walked into the catch pen to catch us some horses, saddled them up, and walked into West.  I asked him how much riding experience he had going fast.  He said none.  So, I gave him the same speech that Mike gave me, hopefully scaring the bejezus out of him too.  I gave him the easy route, and according to Mike on the radio he did great.  Molly almost slipped him but he cut her off and herded her in.  

Then that morning Mike lead the day ride while Rick and I did the two hour.  It was good and solid, a nice fun ride.  I was all excited to ride for another four hours up to Grouse Peak and back, but Rick claimed that he couldn't do more than another hour in the saddle.  Thus we headed to town, ran errands, had lunch, and talked Dave into teaching me how to fly fish.  We waited for Mike to return to help him finish up his trip and see if he wanted to go, which he did.  

We headed to San Isabel, about twenty miles south of us in the Wet Mountains.  On the way is Bishop's Castle, a literal castle built by hand over the past thirty years by a crazy mid 50's feller named Jim Bishop.  He lets people cruise around and check things out on a true donation basis.  Rick's head exploded and it was neat to check out, especially the new things he's built in the seven years since I've been there.  

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From there we continued to the reservoir and Dave taught me how to fly fish.  First cast with a fly it hits the water with a nice presentation, a trout hits it instantly, and I set the hook like I have all my life, like I'm hookin' a largemouth bass.  I snapped the fly right off in his lips, Dave giggled a bit, and taught me how to set hooks.  I did it a few times that day, landing 3 real ones and one about four inches, missing way more.  I caught the fever.  We had dinner in the small town, headed back to the ranch, played a little cribbage, and then hit the sack.  Rick was leaving at 2am for a 6:30am flight from Denver.  

The following morning we rounded up, got four horses ready for a pack-in Dave was doing to my favorite place, South Colony Basin.  Sadly I couldn't go due to a lack of horses, so instead Mike and I went to breakfast, and then I went fishing all day.  First I went to Lake DeWesse, didn't see or catch anything, and then decided to head down to the Arkansas River.  When I got there it was chocolate milk (due to recent heavy rains), and I turned right around to go back to Lake Isabel.  I netted 11 fish in a few hours, nobody else caught anything, and I enjoyed a day to myself that I haven't had in a while.  

<a href="¤t=BishopsCastle0621600x1200.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Friday, same morning routine, and then Dave and I led a 2hr trail ride for 6 people.  So sweet being out there on horseback.  I just love it.  We took care of some loose ends, played some cribbage, and then headed out to pick up the 5 day coming in.  Back to the ranch, clean everything up, and now I'm sitting at the bar of Cel Dor Asado waiting for Barb and whoever else to show up.  I've finished this blog while waiting.  Kinda worried.  

Peace and good luck


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