2008 WSOP: The End
July 6, 2021

I played perhaps the sickest pot of my tournament career as far as WTF spots go in level 4 of the main event. I had come out of the gates quick, jumping to 50k by the end of the first level, having my name in the top 5 in chips at one point. I maintained through levels two and three, and then in level 4 an European kid sat to my left with like 90k. That's so many chips at 150-300/25. I had like 54k when we played this hand. I was in SB, he was in BB, we saw a limped flop 6 ways. I had 7c9h, flop T86 w/two spades, I bet 1425, call, call, fold, fold, 6k, I make it 15k, BB ships, all fold, I call obv, he has 7s9s and it goes AxAs, gg me, ship him the 320 BB pot at level 4 of the main event.


I can take consolidation in the fact that it happened on level 4, rather than like level 14. I also like that his sets and flush draws get there, so there are almost zero hands that he could show up with that aren't good at showdown. I was doomed to lose that pot (poker's dumb obv). I also now have some time to chill before the Bellagio Cup, and I've already booked a plane ticket somewhere nutto for after the Cup. So that's sweet. Poker Radio

I'm feeling really good lately. I'm still super confident and happy with poker as I know I am playing well and simply running poorly in key situations and what not... I have definitely learned in the last six months that just as easy as it is to win every key pot (Feb Online, Reno, $25k, Canada, et, al..) it's easier to lose em all too (See: 2008 WSOP). It is a bummer to suck again during the one month that you really don't want to suck during, but seriously, I'm just bitter that I can't win every time. Nature of the beast etc I know I know... this is one of those I am competitive and hate losing things that has nothing to do with complaining about online poker.

This is the first end of a losing month that I've ever had where I was happier with my game now than a month ago. I've improved this month which is kinda sick, and thus makes me happy with my game and where it is headed.

Personally life is excellent also which I know is a direct influence on your poker game. I'm excited to get out of Vegas and escape the God awful heat that has finally showed up. The next several months are going to be super exciting.

Thanks for the sweat this summer, we have two more events to push through... we have lots of late game run-good stored up for a nice run!

Peace and good luck,


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