Playing Cowboy Days 35-37: Intermission for an Audition
August 22, 2021
I had a most excellent few days in Southern California, not something I get to say very often.  The congestion of the place just depresses me.  

I made it down Tuesday evening and promptly took my Mother and Brother out to my favorite restaurant, North Woods Inn.  It was good dinner and a good time, it was nice to catch up with them a bit.  That evening I visited my old friend from Forest Home Serenity and her two kids.  It was good to reconnect with an old good friend that I hadn't seen in years.

Wednesday was work and prep day.  I hosted the Ultimate Bet Online Championship 5 event #2, a $250+17 PLO/PLH tournament.  I intended on recording live for Poker VT but left my microphone in Las Vegas.  I picked up a headset that will work with Skype also, and then went to get my hair cut at the local barber to match my newly shaven face.  I really wanted to leave the beard, but my actress friend Karri advised that I fill the box of what they're looking for at the audition.  Good bye scruff.  

The tournaments went okay, I profited $4 between the one I hosted and the $320 sniper that Sebok hosted.  I recorded them both, shooting a little over three hours of video that I think came out really good.  

The following day was the reason that I left the ranch for this week.  I was auditioning for the new WPT segment "The Raw Deal."  I sported a slick suit and showed up at the bike right when I said I would.  There were like 20-30 people milling about who all looked like they had zero chance.  I walked in, was moved straight to the front of the line, personally greeted by Mike Sexton, and I gave it my best shot.  They asked my opinion on a hand, then asked if I had any problem calling out people, I said no, but then when they asked me to talk about who's bad I had nothin'.  I can't help it, I'm too much of a sweetheart.  It's totally a different case though when you're commentating on hands in progress versus just talking about people who suck at poker.  Besides that (and even accounting for that) I feel like I hit a home run and have a good feeling about my chances.  I assume that it's a good sign that they published one photo from the audition and it was of me in the act.  

Afterwards I headed into the heart of LA to have some happy hour with Karri.  One beer led to more beer and ended with me leaving early in the morning, unable to drive the night before, but not wanting to leave anyways as I had one of the best times I've ever had hanging out with a woman.  She's great people with a heart of gold and I'm proud to be her friend.  I made it across the Mojave just fine, found Jared in my apartment and was like sweet, ride to the airport, and have eaten dinner and written this blog in Colorado within 10 hours of waking up this morning.  Not bad.  I'm headed back to the ranch.

Peace and good luck,


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