It's Raining Money
September 17, 2021
Saturday was more work.  Won about $500 online, went into the Bellagio and lost $900, came home.  Played one interesting hand that I lost but I don't really want to talk about the details because it involves some advanced shit that I don't want to give away, basically I lost 60bbs with JJ to AK in a 3 bet pot.  Went home, talked with new girlfriend for three hours on the phone.  Surprise, I'm dating an actress.  She's pretty dang amazing and I've spent more time on the phone with her than anybody since I was married.  

Sunday I was up shortly after 11 to catch the morning schedule, and good thing I did because I took 3rd in the UB 11am $500+30 $100k guarantee for $15.6k or so.  I was really happy with how I played and made a video of the replay for PokerVT today.  I also made about $500 playing cash games on the side.  Walked to dinner at Metro Pizza down the street, had a beer and dessert at Timbers, and walked back.  Did my first drafts on M11 and I think it's a fun set.  I like that Juggernaut is back.  

That night Karri asked me what I was doing tomorrow. I told her that I was Jon Friedberg's guest for "Under the Gun" on CardPlayer TV and then intended on blowing up a television in the desert with my brother.  I asked what she was doing, and she responded, "Hanging out with Willie Nelson."  Alright you win.  But I bet we win for most interesting what are you doing tomorrow honey conversation that night.  I snuck in a short session over my pot of coffee, winning a few hundred before the show.  Did a fifteen minute segment that I thought went well, and then got a hold of Jared.  It was too much of a hassle to get out to the desert that afternoon so I went back home, cleaned up around the house a bit, and put in another short session, winning $900.  I then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Monday Night Football games with Jared and company.  They're all Chargers fans and I'm a Chiefs fan, needless to say they didn't like me very much that night.  Came home that evening, slept, and woke up a little sore the next morning.  

I put in a short session, wasn't feeling it and lost about $100, made that video, talked to my horse who won a tournament on UB the day before for $1k, and then drove into town for dinner and cash games at the Bellagio.  I ate awesome Mexican food at Bonito's on Twain and Decatur, lost $200 in a 2-5 game with Dan White (USCSwimmer) killing time before getting in a 5-10 game, it sucked, I called the Venetian and heard that they had a 5-10-20 game going, put my name on the list and headed over there.  I was down on the list and late registration was open for the $120 nightly, I lasted exactly 7 hands, losing most of my chips to a guy that put in way too much money pre with KTs and then got the rest in post, holding over my fifteen outer.  I sat in a 2-5 game made a few bucks, started a 5-10 game and quickly moved to my open seat in the 5-10-20 game.  It was okay, nothing special either way, and I won like $100 with nothing interesting happening.  Flopped the nut flush once and they both folded.  Cashed out, retrieved my box to put cash into, expected it to be empty since I hadn't been in it since April, and pleasantly found three nice yellow $1k chips hiding under my deposit receipt.  Awesome!  Went home, checked the mail for the first time in a week, opened a check and found it to be about $4k more than I expected!  Yes!  

It was a good weekend.

Peace and good luck,


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