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September 21, 2021
Wednesday morning didn't exist as I've finally returned to a Vegas schedule that has most days starting around noon.  I ran a couple of errands to prep for leaving town again; bank, Jiffy Lube, snake food.  Irwin (my snake) has grown noticably this summer, and after talking with some people I think that he's ready to move up from mice to rats.  There isn't much in between the biggest mouse to the smallest rat though, the size difference is substantial.  I didn't know if he could handle it but decided to give it a shot.  As the lady at Petland was helping me out she told me about when her snake went to rats she ended up with a pet rat the first time cause the snake didn't take to the new food immediatly.  

Irwin didn't have that problem.  It was a pretty epic battle that ended in the water dish, and then it took him about half an hour to figure out how to eat the thing after staring with it's hind leg.  All this was happening as I started the 8 game WCOOP event and had 6 cash game tables and a SNG going.  I won a few bucks, Jared came over so I dropped to one table and hung with him a bit, then I busted and was done.  

I got a hold of my horse to do a review session of a tournament he played.  I figured that it would make good video content so set everything up on Skype to share the screen while recording with Camtasia.  I think it came out really well and should make a good series for PokerVT on the evolution of a horse.  All kinds of win all around doing that kind of content.  

Woke up the next morning, packed, and drove to LA.  Made it shortly after 4pm after hitting construction traffic just out of Vegas.  I love that drive across the desert, it's good for thinking time and phone calls to people I haven't talked with in a while.  Got to the girlfriend's place, started with a margarita, had Mexican food someplace delicious, back home, and proceed to empty the bottle of Cazadores via more margaritas.  Taught her gin, she taught me classic country music, played a couple of heads up matches that we split, played some guitar, and just had a pleasant evening.  

Lazy Friday, we're going to some birthday party for somebody who was on Friends I guess tonight.  I haven't done the whole swanky social function thing in quite a while.  Should be interesting.  Beach house in Malibu on Saturday.  Rough life.  

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